In 2011, at the depth of the global recession, Trianz leaders sensed changes taking place at our clients’. Client businesses were facing turbulence; business models were under stress and growth was uncertain. We spent time speaking with our clients to better understand what was causing these dynamics. Very soon, it became clear that the effects of the recession were fading but new opportunities and challenges began emerging on the horizon.

Businesses started experiencing a sea change in their external ecosystems, led by tectonic shifts in customer demographics which, in turn, was led by the rise of the millennials and the ubiquitous availability of technologies. Taken together, these began heralding the age of disruptive competition and business models. New paradigms such as mobile enablement, data warehousing, business intelligence, virtualization and automation started becoming more and more prevalent and possible due to the availability of technologies.

In 2013, Trianz made a watershed decision to begin focusing exclusively on components of what has now become Digital Transformation. We started by developing a point of view as to how businesses will eventually transform into Digital Enterprises, the type of maturation they would go through to arrive at that state, and how we would help clients exclusively in this space. Over the ensuing four years, Trianz has focused on building capabilities required to help client leaders in this transformation.

Trianz Focus

We have built competencies in Cloud, Analytics, Digital and Security through investments in research, IP, methodologies, and training our entire organization. We have also developed approaches to frameworks from strategy through execution.

Today, Trianz has an extensive portfolio of services and capabilities covering business and technology transformations, a stellar track record powered by innovative, futuristic methodologies and frameworks, and a penchant for producing digital transformation results for clients that go beyond relevance and survival into growth and market leadership.