Client Satisfaction

Measuring Transformation Success on our Clients’ Terms

Digital Transformations are being carried out in very fluid and dynamic environments with objectives, conditions, expected outcomes evolving on an iterative basis. Observing this phenomena over an extended period of time, Trianz innovated and engineered a radically differentiated client service model. We carefully evaluate the target business impact from any initiative; we monitor every aspect of our engagements with a ‘look forward view’ as opposed to reporting a ‘look back view’; our model adapts to new environmental conditions and target results in interim milestones dynamically. Our clients are never surprised. In a 2016 Survey, clients reported 95% of our engagements being delivered on time, on budget and without any change requests.

Trianz is one of the few firms that measures client satisfaction on the basis of delivery of our value promise, at the end of every engagement and at the end of every year. Our value promise can be summed up in very simple terms:

  • Business Impact Delivered
  • Predictability in Execution
  • Relationship Experience
  • Commitment to Client Success

We measure this on a relative scale of 1-5 at the end of every engagement and at a client level by surveying executive sponsors of our engagements. Client satisfaction is part of our everyday expectation and we ensure this without any special incentives to our teams.

Trianz Value Promise Dimension Absolute Measurement (Rated >3.5 on a scale of 5) Competitive Measurement (Rated superior than other partners / vendors)
Business Impact Delivered 75% 70%
Predictability in Execution 79% 71%
Relationship Experience 89% 86%
Commitment to Client Success 90%

The above numbers are taken from the Trianz Annual Client Satisfaction Survey 2016 covering 18 engagements and over 100 senior client sponsors.

We are excited, passionate and energized everyday at the prospect of partnering with and helping our clients gain a competitive advantage through these transformations. We remain committed to measuring our success- in their terms on every single engagement.