Digital Transformation Simplified

Digital Transformation Simplified: The philosophy powering our tagline

What is Digital? Where do we start? What does it involve? How do we do this? Where do I start? These are just some of the questions that leaders ask themselves, their peers and professional colleagues, and friends. Digital Transformations as a whole, or their components, are new and unexplored with different problems and opportunities requiring a multitude of skills and techniques. Indeed, there’s a lot that’s unknown and the journey can appear daunting.

Consulting and Technology services organizations often tend to portray their internal views and structures without a client-centric view; they tend to talk about their capabilities more than listening to and understanding client challenges; very often, they tend to further complicate these challenges for clients who are already experiencing high levels of anxiety from the unknown instead of helping clients understand solutions and approaches and execute swiftly to results.

Trianz’ tagline demonstrates our core philosophy of ‘extreme client centricity’ in a general sense and very specifically applied in the context of Digital Transformations. Our philosophy rests on the four pillars of –

Intelligent Formations

Holistic teams driving Multidisciplinary Execution

What is a formation? Nature demonstrates it; birds travel in a way that gets them to their destination faster during migration season. Schools of fish move collectively to set boundaries and protect themselves. Orchestras follow it to deliver the intent of the composer’s every note. We do it to accomplish a mission. Because every transformation demands a multitude of industry domain, digital or cloud or analytics process skills, and technology platform skills to set the stage for multi-disciplinary execution. Our intelligent formations are reflective of individual skills required to accomplish business transformation and achieve results; never a reflection of our internal organization.

Vested Simplifiers

Extreme client centricity and high velocity of results

In a world of heavy unknowns and overloads, we are all in great need of simplification. Companies and problems need people capable of establishing favorable impressions through their ability to make the complex simple, bring light to the dense, make the blueprint, the mechanics and the invisible visible so we focus, get excited, and become better at what we do. Our professional integrity creates a commitment to drive ease, velocity and faster results through simplification and we never, ever exploit the unknown and complexities in digital transformations. We engage and partner determined to eliminate complications and confusions; our communication is devoid of jargon and platitudes. There’s already so much to do, and we believe you will engage us to do more as we produce results faster – just as our current clients do. A majority of Trianz’ clients rate us as #1 for business impact generated.

Predictability of Execution

Driving with a clear windshield and well-programmed GPS

Being able to be a step ahead requires much more than unique skills; it requires extraordinary experience, method and rigor. Especially in this fast pace of digital transformation where the goals and direction themselves can change in flight. Developed over 15 years, Trianz brings not only a rigorous management process to the table, but also a unique ability to anticipate every movement in an initiative. We have devised proprietary and [scientifically] proven tools and forward looking KPIs, and prepared a step-by-step map to ensure we have every step -- from strategy to execution -- under control and contingencies in place. In digital transformations -- sure the engine is important -- knowing the destination, the route and the feeling at the steering wheel are what really matter. We are here to make this ride as fantastic as it deserves to be. No wonder our clients rate us # 1 for predictability of execution.

Relationship Experience

Learning, Fun and Joy in driving Transformation

Stress is caused by a lack of competent teams, unclear goals and directions, as well as poor leadership and communication. Stress creates low morale, drives down collaboration and productivity and is, therefore, the enemy of successful execution. Trianz’ approach and a razor sharp focus on the first three pillars do not allow for stress to become a factor. As execution becomes more predictable, we create environments of learning, teamwork and fun. One of our unstated goals is to create leaders in teams who will grow to lead the next digital transformation in their companies! Also why our clients rank us #1 in leadership commitment and relationship experience.