Execution Excellence is a matter of pride and prestige at Trianz- and not a business aspiration. It is not about making statements of commitment to clients- but a scientifically engineered model, culture and organization which ensures such excellence.

Assurance Driven Model

Our relationship with clients is not about inundating them with reams of information on trends and hype. It is completely contrarian and about developing a sharp and incisive focus on the problem we are trying to solve and the results we expect. We do this by owning the problem- in first person, rather than behave as outside consultants do.

We select our staff carefully for their personal values and suitability for our execution culture and not skills and talents alone. Every associate at Trianz is trained in our end to end Assurance model. We emphasize a culture of ownership of our client initiatives- as though they are our own and worry deeply about client failure since it will be our failure.

Every engagement at Our Assurance model is monitored from the beginning of a client relationship with a point of view or proposal on how we staff, how we deliver and how we finish.

90% plus of Trianz clients surveyed confirm a higher sense of organizational commitment to success and results than initiatives they work on. 90% of our clients are repeat clients. Execution excellence is therefore our business- not an aspiration or a tagline.

Trianz Assurance Driven Model

Execution is monitored continuously at Trianz- every engagement and every relationship is reviewed every week, month and quarter and through critical milestones. We stay ahead of surprises so our clients get predictability- and therefore results that top management expects from a strategic initiative.

Finally, we measure Client satisfaction from all initiatives every quarter and our senior leadership meets clients on a regular basis. This is why Trianz endears itself to clients and this is why our associates enjoy what they do!