In today's dynamic business environment, organizations need to be actively aware of the macro economic trends, regulatory changes, and the competitive landscape to succeed in business. Trianz has developed unique industry-specific perspectives across select industries.

These perspectives, guided by the Trianz Business Execution Philosophy, allow our consultants to develop business insights and create custom solutions for our Fortune 1000 clients.

High Tech

Trianz has developed deep-domain knowledge of business operations and created innovative technology solutions that enable high tech organizations to successfully execute their strategic initiatives. With a sharp focus on execution excellence, Trianz provides services in sales and channels operations, finance transformation, Service Business Management (SBM), Supply Chain Operations (SCO), information management, enterprise applications, and infrastructure services.

High tech companies across the world are working in challenging environments due to major business trends such as value chain globalization, diffused customer expectations, continuous introduction of innovative technologies, and shorter product lifecycles - all in an effort to establish a strong presence in emerging markets. In fact, the nature of disruptive technologies being introduced at a fairly rapid pace can either provide a major thrust for growth or inhibit existing business.

Trianz works with technology firms across various industry sub-segments - servers, storage, networking, software, security, consumer electronics, mobile devices, semiconductors, and peripherals. We help solve our client's most challenging business execution problems with our proven functional experience. With a deep understanding of operational considerations, including product and service configuration, pricing, order-to-cash cycles, sales and demand forecasting, deal registration, partner programs, sales territory and coverage models, and service contracts, Trianz helps many Fortune 1000 organizations successfully execute on their most important strategic initiatives.

Trianz has significant business execution and program delivery expertise in the following disciplines to support operational functions within high tech organizations:

  • Sales and Channels Operations

    Trianz helps clients successfully transition from a product and service sales model to a solution-oriented sales and support model, enabling new go-to-market strategies.

    • Areas of expertise include: Sales productivity, compensation management, customer data management, new-year readiness, channels enablement, sales support automation, deal management, and advanced sales analytics.
  • Finance Transformation

    We assist a finance organization in becoming a critical business partner, rather than a backend reporting/ controls-based organization. Trianz helps clients in optimizing organizational financial structures, policies, and processes to enable finance organizations to make better decisions and drive profitable growth.

    • Areas of expertise include: Financial close process, quote-to-cash, pricing, nonstandard deals management, profitability management, shared services, and financial analytics.
  • Service Business Management (SBM)

    Trianz helps clients in leveraging their services as a strategic go-to-market differentiator while improving service attach rates, driving higher sales, enhancing growth rates, and increasing customer satisfaction.

    • Areas of expertise include: New service program launch, service sales, service renewals, install base management, service delivery, and service program management for partners.
  • Supply Chain Operations (SCO)

    Trianz closely partners with clients to solve the most pressing supply chain issues confronting business executives.

    • Areas of expertise include: Partner collaboration, supply chain planning, demand management, global operations, distribution management, and supply chain analytics.
  • Information Management

    We provide an enterprise fabric that allows for strong collaboration between business and IT functions to develop a strong information management backbone.

    • Areas of expertise include: Business intelligence (BI), enterprise data management, unstructured data mining, enterprise integration services, mobile BI, and predictive analytics.
  • Enterprise Applications

    Trianz helps organizations deploy complex enterprise application platforms that solve real world business problems. Our enterprise application expertise provides customers with ongoing management, customization, implementation, integration, migration, maintenance, and support for leading ERP, CRM, SCM, and ITSM packages.

    • Areas of expertise include: Services in custom application development using Microsoft, Java, and other open source technologies.
  • Infrastructure Services

    Trianz partners with a client's CIO organization to provide advisory services and deliver scalable infrastructure solutions. These services equip clients with the skills, expertise, processes, tools, and methodologies necessary for IT to align to its business. This builds and manages a truly business focused IT organization and drives IT department to profitability through innovation.

    • Areas of expertise include: Integrated service management, enterprise mobility, enterprise security, and core network management.

With broad and diversified experience in various business operation functions for the high tech industry, Trianz has experience in executing on the following:

  • Critical issues involving revenue recognition of multi-element deals
  • Service contract co-termination and invoicing of large multi-year contracts
  • Coverage models that include direct, overlay, and channels-based sales forces
  • Sales forecasting and sales crediting
  • Channel and self-service capabilities for quoting, pricing, and configuration
  • Distribution B2B support for POS data capture
  • Inventory reconciliation and reporting
  • Self-service renewals, models, and complex sales incentive programs for large, multi-year deals


Trianz has built strong business execution and technology expertise in the insurance industry that enables our insurance clients to meet their operational, cost, and market challenges innovatively and efficiently. We provide services to major business lines such as life insurance, property and casualty, health, pensions and retirement, and reinsurance.

A number of major evolving trends in the insurance industry today require business agility, innovation, and cost management to deliver insurance products to today's connected customers. The evolving regulatory framework, changing customer profile, and management of a plethora of legacy applications are mandating greater discipline in business execution.

Trianz insurance expertise enables clients to meet their operational, cost, and market challenges. We help many large insurance firms to successfully execute on their most important strategic initiatives. Over the years, we have gained significant business execution and program delivery expertise in the following disciplines to support the various functions of an Insurance company:

  • Life Insurance

    Trianz partners with insurance providers, offering services to the full spectrum of life insurance and related products, such as all available forms of term life, T100, whole life, universal life, critical illness, long term care (LTCi), specialty, and niche products. We offer scalable software solutions to insurance clients across the globe in compliance with industry standards within a secure and integrated infrastructure.

    • Areas of expertise include: Business solutions for quote processing, claims management, risk management, distribution, and channel management.
  • Property and Casualty

    We offer business solutions and services to insurance clients dealing with loss of property, tangible assets, and/or income. Trianz offers robust business insights and predictive analytics for profit maximization.

    • Areas of expertise include: Identifying clients' needs, architecting applications, and delivering innovative software solutions to major insurance providers.
  • Health

    Trianz provides innovative solutions for health insurance providers that deal with individuals and business who receive accident, ill health, sickness, disability, specialty and/or supplemental cover.

    • Areas of expertise include: Customized HIPAA compliant insurance solutions to help health insurance companies offer specialized services to policyholders.
  • Pensions and Retirement

    Trianz partners with insurance firms to provide group pension, personal pension, self-invested personal pension, government pensions and allowances, actuarial or retirement, and annuities planning services to individual and group clients.

    • Areas of expertise include: A broad range of innovative insurance solutions, engineered based on inputs from industry that enable insurers to manage and administer pensions and retirement related services for individual and group clients.
  • Reinsurance

    We offer reinsurance business solutions that support the entire range of reinsurance activities.

    • Areas of expertise include: Solutions that enable global insurance providers, specializing in reinsurance, to respond to business challenges on time, manage regulatory controls, and adapt to dynamic environments.

Trianz provides business execution and advisory and software services that comprehensively address the diversified needs of major insurance providers. Based on their requirements, we have provided solutions in areas like policy administration, claims, annuities, pension processing, agency management, billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and underwriting.

Moreover, we have established a dedicated development center staffed by consultants and architects with insurance experience to deliver a range of software technology services and solutions for clients in the insurance segments across the globe.

Financial Services

The evolution of the banking industry over the past several years has generated challenges and opportunities for global commercial banking institutions. The economic cycles of the recent past and the subsequent economic meltdown forced banking institutions to adapt to the new regulatory environment and focus on risk management and portfolio rationalization.

Trianz has developed a strategy in identifying core issues facing the global banking industry: Develop and execute business solutions to add real value and manage costs. We provide specialized solutions and services to retail and commercial banking clients. This includes proven expertise in customer operations, back office management, risk management, compliance, business insights, analytics, and technology services.

At Trianz, we clearly understand the most important need for the banking industry today - business execution. We provide advisory services that focus on the need for strategic business analysis and identify core issues which address rising client expectations, increasing regulatory requirements, swelling competition, and the growing need to reduce operational costs and craft solutions.

We provide solutions and services in the retail and commercial banking sector across business functions and IT operations. Trianz offers retail and commercial banking client's broad business solutions that enable them to provide specialized services to individuals and/ or businesses in areas such as branch banking, core banking, customer care, ATM technology, card/ payments processing, and online banking.

Through our industry specific solutions, bankers can offer more out-of-the-box features and functions to their clients while improving operational efficiencies across the entire enterprise. Our Internet banking solutions allow bankers to meet their customer's demand for anytime access to their accounts through convenient and secure online banking channels.

Trianz service and solution offerings in the banking industry cater to a wide spectrum of global customers - from diversified firms to niche players such as commercial and private banks.

Trianz services span the following disciplines:

  • Customer Operations

    Trianz provides solutions in the functional areas of deal processing, customer care, online banking, and mobile banking.

  • Back Office Management

    We offer business solutions in the domains of payment processing, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), and credit card technology.

  • Risk Management and Compliance

    Trianz provides various solutions that address the organization's risk management needs and regulatory compliance obligations.

  • Business Insights and Analytics

    We offer solutions that provide business analytics, data warehousing, predictive analytics, and mobile BI.

  • Technology Services

    Trianz offers IT solutions such as application development and management services, SOA consulting services, packaged software implementation, integrated service management, technology infrastructure, security, and information management.

Trianz combines innovative business solutions with advanced technologies to help banks maximize value from their customer relationships, transform business processes, and rationalize product portfolios. We focus on ensuring that our services and solutions align with the business goals and operational excellence of individual banks.

The tangible benefits that our clients receive reduce operational risk, enhance employee productivity, streamline processes, and provide a single comprehensive view of customers across various distribution channels. To gain and retain market share, Trianz provides bankers with the means to maximize operational efficiencies by building new products and services that leverage technology across the entire organization.


Trianz has extensive retail business acumen coupled with a strong belief that strategic business execution is a key pillar to achieving success in retail as the industry rapidly evolves from brick and mortar to online. We provide innovative business and IT solutions that help retailers and manufacturers with customer retention, operational efficiency, productivity, distribution, and expanding geographical reach. In the retail world, Trianz provide services in food and grocery, specialty, pharmaceuticals, and consumer electronics retail segments.

The retail industry has evolved during the past decade with trends like e-commerce and social media that have become integral to how retailers take a strategic look at their business. Traditionally working on thin margins, in today's retail environment it is even more important to sharply scrutinize the cost of operations. Along with these challenges, there are evolving pressures - higher customer expectations, new technologies, fluctuating seasonal demands, customer price sensitivity, fierce competition, globalization, and customer retention.

Given the challenging retail environment, Trianz firmly believes that strategic business execution is a key pillar to success in the retail business, and an imperative to overcoming formidable challenges more efficiently and effectively. As a Trianz partner, our clients receive advantages that can enhance efficiency, improve time-to-market, optimize production, and reduce the cost of ownership of supply chain solutions to improve enterprise-level decision-making.

To build and retain strong customer relationships retail providers need to reach customers through the avenue of multi-channel distribution. Retailers also need to provide customers and suppliers with relevant information about new products, market conditions, and price variations. Trianz retail solutions enable clients to achieve customer retention, operational efficiency, productivity, distribution, geographical reach, business goals, and ROI. Trianz provides consulting and IT services to solve complex business problems in the following areas:

  • Food and Grocery

    Trianz provides business and enabling technology solutions. Our extensive experience in retail enables us to deliver innovative and customized IT solutions to food stores and grocery chains.

    • Areas of expertise include: Product information management, order processing, inventory planning, global data synchronization, RFID Implementation, pricing, POS, online retailing, and content management.
  • Specialty

    We help specialty retail overcome the challenge of winning competitive strategies over retailers who offer different choices at low prices, while helping businesses achieve targeted business results. Trianz understands the needs of specialty retailers and provides them with real-time innovative solutions. Our solutions help in logistic cost optimization, lead time reduction, and maximization of customer service and business profits.

    • Areas of expertise include: Merchandising, e-commerce, and inventory planning.
  • Pharmaceuticals

    Our integrated services enable pharmaceutical retailers to identify new opportunities, achieve real-time results, improve compliance, and avoid manual errors through leverage of innovative solutions.

    • Areas of expertise include: Economic volatility, pricing, and competitive challenges.
  • Consumer Electronics

    Trianz brings robust industry perspectives coupled with the proven expertise of our teams to enable consumer electronics retail clients to meet their business objectives.

    • Areas of expertise include: Demand management, planning, financial planning, P&L forecasting, and platform application selection.

Serving the retail industry, Trianz provides many customized solutions including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), mobile Point of Sale (POS), data analytics, integrated multi-channel retailing, database management, data warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI), CRM applications, SCM applications, workforce management, leadership and talent management, and merchandising solutions.

Our integrated service offerings enable retailers to achieve high performance, optimize logistics costs, improve overall efficiency, forecast market trends, outperform competition, synchronize inventory and sales, enhance customer experience, improve customer intimacy, enhance customer satisfaction, and meet strategic business targets.

Life Sciences

Trianz provides customized solutions and services with a business execution orientation that definitely differentiates us from other firms. We have deep functional knowledge that helps our clients in their clinical initiatives. We partner with large life science firms to address increasing consumer demand for improved clinical activities while driving the life sciences industry to find innovative solutions for tomorrow. In the life sciences discipline, Trianz offers customized IT services in clinical operations, data management, and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC).

The life sciences industry is one of the most scientifically and technologically advanced industries, nonetheless it faces major challenges around stringent and constantly evolving regulatory standards by CDISC, SDTM v1.2, SDTMIG v.3.1.2, ODM, and so forth), rising R&D costs, increasing competition, and ever shorter market cycles. Coupled with higher expectations from patients, doctors, payers, and regulators, these challenges have created a need to streamline business operations and access a sophisticated and efficient system. Consequently, life science companies have become increasingly dependent on specific software solutions and IT infrastructure to deliver better services to a more demanding product conscious consumer.

Working closely with a number of life sciences' organizations we have seen the challenge of business execution first hand. We firmly believe that strategic analysis of customer needs, coupled with a strong execution orientation, is needed to address many industry challenges. We partner with large life science firms to address the increasing consumer demand for improved clinical activities while driving the life sciences industry to find innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Trianz provides a leading-edge solution, AcceliantTM eClinical Suite, to accelerate various clinical development activities. In the life sciences industry, we offer customized solutions in the following disciplines:

  • Clinical Operations

    Trianz offers a wide range of clinical operations services including project management, monitoring, supplies management, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, quality assurance, regulatory support, ethics approval support, GCP training, product support, system and performance monitoring.

  • Data Management

    Our data management services offered as part of AcceliantTM eClinical Suite or as discrete, functional services, include the following:

    • Protocol Development
    • CRF design and tracking
    • Data entry and verification
    • Data management and validation plan
    • Data review/query generation
    • Data reports generation
    • Database design (paper)
    • EDC setup and design
    • Edit check programming and query resolution
    • Final trial reporting
    • Metric reports generation
    • Coding including MedDRA, WHODRUG
    • Regulatory submission
    • Site initiation
    • Monitoring and closeout
    • Biostatistics
    • Clinical study reports
    • Tables and listing generation using SAAS programming
  • Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)

    We provide consulting services to help in planning, implementing, and measuring the impact of an effective CDISC strategy for our client's organization. Trianz also provides data modeling and conversion services that can be used to convert legacy clinical data as part of clinical data warehouses, electronic submissions, and data interchange strategy.

Our expansive range of service offerings support our clients' needs, including the SaaS offering of eClinical tools, clinical operations and data management, IT and consulting, regulatory compliant hosting and data center, customer support, and product training. Trianz also offers an extensive global education program that is capable of meeting our client's diverse needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction springs to life through unparalleled services and unrivaled support.

Trianz proudly offers services that encompass consulting and strategic guidance, backed by extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in eClinical solutions for clinical development and research, registry management, regulatory affairs, biotech, and healthcare informatics - all providing a single-point responsibility as a life sciences eClinical partner.

At Trianz a clinical, regulatory, and technical specialist team ensures the success of client's clinical initiatives by delivering flexible, customized services to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Public Sector

Trianz has proven experience working with public sector organizations and providing technology and business solutions with an emphasis on driving results through enabling business execution. In the public sector, we design and develop services and solutions to meet the specific requirements of various government organizations and non-government institutions.

Public sector plays an important role in global commerce and influences the lives of billions of people. In the face of the recent global economic meltdown, the role that the public sector plays has become even more relevant. Some of the major issues that public sector organizations face are ambiguous transformation of business process to technology, incessant change in regulations, and mandates and administrative policies. Information technology also plays a crucial part in helping public sector organizations adapt quickly to changes and improve service quality.

Our public sector expertise provides technology and business solutions to governments and non-governments worldwide. With our knowledge and a relentless focus on superior business execution Trianz provides solutions to automate critical business processes of large public sector organizations. Trianz helps these organizations in providing high-data transparency, enabling greater accountability, ensuring better accessibility, and improving processes to citizens.

In the public sector, Trianz offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Government Agencies

    Trianz provides customized solutions globally to leading government agencies both at state and federal levels. We provide business process analysis and design, integrated service management, and e-government capabilities.

  • Non-governmental Organizations

    We offer support to charitable organizations, education institutions, and environment groups to help them streamline their organization and maximize their impact on the community.


Over the years, healthcare has evolved into the world's largest industry and by all estimates will continue to grow rapidly. Trianz works closely with several large healthcare organizations to enable their business execution in many sectors of their business. We have developed specific expertise and a point of view relevant to the healthcare industry.

Several factors are driving the growth of this industry: Increasing life expectancy, greater availability of healthcare services in developing economies, and the rapid progress in the treatments and drugs available for patients. Some healthcare organizations have made significant progress in adoption of automation technologies to streamline complex processes ranging from electronic medical records keeping or adoption of offshore transcription services. However, many healthcare administrations still lag behind and are busy playing a catch-up game. Significant trends have also emerged in the past decade shaping the way the healthcare industry views business. These include: changing customer behavior, addressing a need for regulatory compliance, and comprehending M&A activity.

Trianz provides services in the following areas:

  • Customer Operations

    Trianz provides solutions in the functional areas of deal processing, customer care, online banking, and mobile banking.

  • Back Office Management

    We offer business solutions in the domains of payment processing, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), and credit card technology.

  • Risk Management and Compliance

    Trianz provides various solutions that address the organization's risk management needs and regulatory compliance obligations.

  • Business Insights and Analytics

    We offer solutions that provide business analytics, data warehouse, predictive analytics, and mobile BI.

  • Technology Services

    Trianz offers IT solutions such as application development and management services, SOA consulting services, packaged software implementation, integrated service management, technology infrastructure, security, and information management.

Trianz partners with healthcare organizations to enable specific execution-oriented results for the business itself and for IT leaders within these organizations. We combine innovative business solutions with advanced technologies to help healthcare organizations maximize value from their investments. Trianz focuses on ensuring that our services and solutions align with the business goals and operational excellence goals of our healthcare clients.


Over the past decade the logistics, travel, and transportation industry has faced challenges and opportunities such as rising operating cost, demand for faster turnaround times, and push toward market consolidation. Recent trends point towards Logistics forming a large percentage of GDP, which includes transportation and traffic, shipping and receiving, as well as storage and inventory – all of it coming together under the umbrella of integrated logistics support.

Trianz has worked closely with industry leaders across commercial airlines, rail, cargo, and package delivery companies to turn challenges into business results and growth opportunities. Whether you are looking to increase order processing efficiency, enable customer self-service, optimize your distribution network, implement logistics automation, or improve asset and infrastructure management across the globe, Trianz has the team, dedication, and experience necessary to help your business succeed.

Trianz offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Execution Vision Roadmap

    Develop a compelling vision and execution roadmap with you and your team to introduce new service offerings or improve process efficiency.

  • Performance Analytics & Dashboards

    You can only improve what you measure. Our team of data experts will help you collect, analyze, and visualize the insights hidden throughout your value chain.

  • Customer CRM Strategy

    Get to know your customers like never before by understanding what they want then forecast, market, and manage demand.

  • Logistics Planning

    Bring goods and products to market sooner. Our SCM and ERP solution experts can identify opportunities to streamline your resources, network, suppliers and inventory management.

  • IT Service Management

    Cloud? On-Prem? Or Hybrid? Let us help you work through which model is best for each service area to get the business results you need.

With continuing trends in mobility, digitization, and instant access everywhere, the logistics, travel, and transportation industry needs a partner who can integrate IT with business results seamlessly. Trianz brings together deep industry knowledge with broad understanding of how to implement technology effectively. Let us work together to reach your destination faster.