IBM Control Desk Solution Accelerator

Trianz is pleased to announce the Solution Accelerator for IBM Control Desk. With our rapid time-to-value offering, Trianz will deploy a solution that fits your needs in hours instead of the weeks with traditional engagements.

ICD from Trianz

  • Fully functional ticketing system deployed in under 24 hours
  • Streamlined user interfaces with shortcuts to accomplish common tasks faster
  • Intelligent email handling – let users be updated as much or as little as they prefer
  • Advanced capabilities to create tickets or send notification with email, Twitter, Jabber or other interfaces
  • Built on a modular framework that can expand when you are ready
    • Change, problem, release, IT asset, financial & other process managers
    • All included in your licensing!
  • Delivered as on-premises or SaaS
  • Priced to meet your budget

Price per managed seat of SCCD SaaS with accelerator:

  • $ 299 per authorized user per month, inclusive of licenses
  • $ 495 per concurrent user per month, inclusive of licenses
  • $ 1,000 per user setup fee for all licenses (one-time)
  • (Set up includes: Up to 80 hours onsite, 40 hours remote. Any associated travel and living is billed separately at actual cost. Clients will have access to Trianz Level 1 support desk)

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