12 May, 2017 - Blog

Three Missteps to Creating Great Customer ExperiencesSolving the customer experience problem isn’t easy. If it were, our own interactions with the companies we do business with would be so much more satisfying across the board.

11 May, 2017 - Blog

Great Customer Experiences Start with 360-degree Customer ViewsWorking in customer-centric industries gives people an ultra-strong bond, and it leads to some pretty interesting conversations. When Monica and I meet up, we often compare notes about current and past experiences.

08 May, 2017 - Blog

Your Guide to Competing on Great Customer ExperiencesAny interaction with a company can quickly turn personal—and emotional—especially when it steals time from a busy day. As Monica and I compared stories about our good and bad customer experiences, she described the rising anxiety she felt recently while traveling.

27 Mar, 2017 - Article

A Case for the Future of Serverless ComputingFunction-as-a-Service (FaaS), or serverless computing, continues to increase in demand as large organizations seek to establish their data infrastructure beyond the limits of traditional hardware.

24 Mar, 2017 - Article

Amplify Your Agile Cloud DevelopmentThe popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand at a quickened pace. As such, businesses and their customers are enjoying a near constant connectivity and exchange of information. Now, more than ever, companies are feeling the pressure to respond to consumer demands at the drop of a hat and very quickly bring new products to the marketplace.

14 Mar, 2017 - Article

The Hybrid Cloud Data JourneyWe tend to think about the hybrid cloud as a set of public and private cloud services for managing workloads. Indeed, many of the workloads is the data that is the heart of how applications operate in the cloud. There are many issues that organizations have to understand and deal with when it comes to managing and governing data.

13 Mar, 2017 - Article

The Hybrid Cloud Imperative: Getting to ComputingWe are in the midst of rapidly changes in the way consumers want to interact with their suppliers. This change is causing a disruption in business models and technology innovation. The result has led to the birth of digital organizations Businesses are dealing with these changes by moving to cloud computing models that have enabled them to introduce competitively priced products fasters.

07 Mar, 2017 - Article

Enterprises’ Cloud Strategies for Business Transformation The latest market trends indicate that enterprises will invest the most on digital transformation technologies that support operating model innovations. These investments will help enterprises focus on making business operations more responsive and effective by leveraging digitally-connected products/services, assets, people, and trading partners.

14 Mar, 2016 - Article

Improving the business-user adoption of your Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence ecosystem We have probably seen this scenario being played out many times: Business and IT sponsors that have bought into the vision of 'data-driven organization' invest millions of dollars in developing state-of-the-art business intelligence and data warehousing applications. They have held workshops and gathered requirements, they have bought the best of technology and implemented agile processes.

14 Mar, 2016 - Article

Building an Insight-Driven Organization Among the C-suite and boardrooms of almost every large organization, there is a strong conviction and consensus that they need to build an insight-driven organization to stay competitive and relevant in the marketplace. Organizations, which have already embarked on their analytics journey, are taking a pause and reflecting on their maturity against the standard analytics maturity frameworks.

23 Feb, 2016 - White Paper

Journey Mapping Framework for Customer Retention & Acquisition - A Digital Age Perspective "Big Data is the New Oil," "Big Data is Too Big to Ignore." While there could be a debate on who coined these phrases, there is no denying of the fact that ever since the arrival of Internet, Big Data is the most signature buzzword that has caught the imagination of executives like never before, albeit the definition of Big Data continues to evolve.

10 Feb, 2016 - Article

7 Steps to Consider Before You Kick-start a Big Data Project "Big Data is the New Oil," "Big Data is Too Big to Ignore." While there could be a debate on who coined these phrases, there is no denying of the fact that ever since the arrival of Internehtmlt, Big Data is the most signature buzzword that has caught the imagination of executives like never before, albeit the definition of Big Data continues to evolve.

05 Feb, 2016 - Article

Operational Intelligence – Extract Business Value When it Matters Most In today's growingly complex economic climate, monitoring, assessing, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of operating activities can be a source of competitive advantage and a value-driver. Enhanced IT capabilities and digitalization of business operations are bringing a rich stream of data to make better decisions and run intelligent business operations.

13 Jan, 2016 - Article

How good is your Social MDM? Organization across the globe are focusing on augmenting their Master Data Management (MDM) systems with the aid of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) to bolster their positioning in a fiercely competitive economy. In fact, this topic is gaining more and more attention in the boardroom discussions on how to develop product and service strategies that are customer-centric to improve both topline and bottomline performance.

11 Jan, 2016 - Article

Analytics of Things (AoT), a truly relevant trend to watch and adapt Over the last couple of years, we all have been hearing a lot about "Internet of things (IoT)" and Big Data Analytics, and how they can bring transformative changes to businesses and everyday life.

07 Jan, 2016 - White Paper

Winning Your Customers by Creating a Smart and Connected Enterprises - Engage, Enable, Empower This white paper discusses how leveraging the advantages of enterprise mobility can help organizations become smart and connected enterprises, and in turn increase employee productivity, operating efficiency, and customer engagement.

04 Jan, 2016 - Article

5 things to consider before assessing your BI Maturity With the rise in adoption and popularity of Business Intelligence (BI) systems, many organizations are facing the question of how mature their BI systems are and what steps they need to take to boost their BI capabilities and move up in the BI maturity curve to have a competitive edge in the marketplace?