07 Jan, 2016
Winning Your Customers by Creating a Smart and Connected Enterprises - Engage, Enable, Empower

With accelerated advancement and enhancements in the communication and information technology, a growing number of professionals are using mobile devices to perform their work giving rise to the phenomenon of Enterprise Mobility(EM). Commoditization of information technology and falling smartphone / PDA prices have redefined how information exchange and business transaction are carried out. EM has ushered in a cultural and organizational transformation and has, in fact, become a C-suite level issue. Technology and business leaders are focusing their attention on how to leverage this phenomenon to improve workflows, bring efficiency to business operations, win/retain customers, and bring a compelling competitive differentiator.

In this Whitepaper, you’ll learn:
  • Why Organizations Will Need Enterprise Mobility?
  • What Are the Major Drivers for Adoption of Enterprise Mobility?
  • What Constitutes Enterprise Mobility Readiness Assessment and Roadmap?
  • A Stakeholder-Centric Enterprise Mobility Approach
  • 5 Essential Elements for an Enterprise - Wide Mobility Strategy

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