Social, Digital, Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and other technologies are revolutionizing the entire industry, business eco-systems and longstanding models. It is expected that by 2020, one-third of industry leaders will be replaced by innovative companies around the world. The corollary effect of these revolutionary paradigms is on talent and their careers. On the one hand everything is exciting, fast paced and dynamic. On the other hand, we cannot predict what the future looks like as these technologies converge and affect everything around us

So, Training & Development in our Client Service Model and new business or technology paradigms is one of the biggest areas of investment at Trianz. Our goal at Trianz is to therefore shape you into leaders in execution who are prepared to take up increasing responsibilities as they grow. Client experiences will challenge you. Team mates will teach you. Trianz will invest in your career development. The ultimate driver of growth will be the pace you set for yourself. Here’s what you can expect:

role based learning
Role Based Learning with the Trianz Client Service Model

The Trianz Client Service Model in execution is a continuum of different phases, from developing execution strategies to reengineering operations to implementing technologies for our clients. Throughout this continuum are roles that we use to build awareness and help associates understand the notion of being mission and role oriented at all times. This mindset will prepare you to take on new challenges as you progress.

team based learning
Team Based Learning Experiences

We are a diverse organization from the perspectives of our education, professional backgrounds, and places around the world that we call home. Within a client setting, our associates often find themselves meeting and working with colleagues from the diverse Trianz family.

technology engagement
Technology Engagement

as you grow in your career, you will be faced with both challenges and opportunities that come with leadership. You will lead teams or large complex engagements to solve problems and execute on strategies. Trianz will help you acquire skills and create a network among the firm's leadership, as well as providing other learning resources you will need to grow as a leader.

Compensation, Rewards, Recognition & Benefits


Trianz compensation philosophy derives from the services we provide. Our intent is to provide services that are superior client services with superior, committed talent. Our goal is to reward talent competitively, invest heavily in their professional development and grow them into leaders

Rewards and Recognition
Rewards & Recognition

As we institutionalize our client service models and culture, Trianz has instituted programs that Recognize and Reward individuals and teams for execution excellence, leadership that goes above and beyond the call of client service and exemplary demonstration of our values. Throughout the year, recipients of these awards receive opportunities to learn, grow and advance in their careers.

Medical Benefits

  • Employee Group Medical Coverage
  • Group Accident Coverage
  • Parental Group Medical Cover
  • Vision benefits

Retirement Program

  • Benefit offered to employees in recognition of the work done in shifts outside the normal attendance pattern

Employee Development Icon

  • Discounts and exclusive offers for Trianz employees for dining, travel, health, apparels, gifts, services, real estate and much more!
  • Medlife: Discounts on purchase of prescribed medicines


Time off

  • Company paid days offs

Tax savings benefits

  • Flexi Benefits Program

Other Benefits Perks

  • Cash rewards for employees getting married during their tenure at Trianz.
  • Rewards for completion of 5 and 10 years at Trianz