Big Data Verification and EDW / BI Test Automation

DataVision+ was awarded "Testing Tool of the Year for 2015" by ITAC- it reduces your data validation efforts by 75%

 What are our Clients talking about What are our Clients talking about
  • We have a growing stream of data. How do we manage it?
  • We see rising Business Activity (especially M&A)-how do we integrate data efficiently?
  • How do we solve Report / Query Performance and Right Time Data Availability issues?
  • How do we improve availability of Test Beds, Domain and Data warehouse Testing expertize?
 Automating your Test CycleAutomating your Test Cycle
  • Single platform to compare structured data (SQL, Oracle) as well as unstructured data (Big Data, TeraData)
  • One-stop solution to manage end-to-end EDW testing at the click of a button
  • Synchronize metadata and generated queries automatically to compare
  • Meeting audit requirement on data completeness, data quality, and accuracy
  • Increase reusability of test cases and scripts during regression testing
  • Cloud-enabled to manage Test Plan executions from anywhere, anytime

EDW / BI Test Automation Platform to accelerate
Testing Lifecycle and verify accuracy of data

Trianz, winner of Testing Tool of the Year Award
Trianz, winner of Testing Tool of the year award, is helping clients streamline data comparison process, cut down significant amount of time and resources involved.

Business Outcomes

Reduction in design time with auto query generation Transformation
Reduction in results analysis effort with detailed reports
Regression Coverage for all Data Mart Tables
License Cost. Cloud Enabled
Reduction in data validation efforts

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