Only 13% Of employees are fully engaged at work, according to a Gallup survey

  What are our Clients talking about What our Clients are talking about
  • How do we create a tailored engagement for millennials?
  • How can we address employee feedback with data on-time?
  • How do we conduct people analytics to increase productivity?
  • What makes employees collaborate and resolve issues as a network and not in a hierarchy?
 Building A CommunityBuilding A Community
  • Project Rooms for Improved Performance Management
  • Collaboration and opti-channel communication for enhanced Productivity
  • Idea Sharing platform for innovative business growth
  • People Analytics for individualized focus
  • Digital town-halls for rich and engaged employee experience
  • Knowledge Academies for Growing and Grooming Talent

A Platform to Boost Employee Engagement and Drive Collaborative Decision Making

Trianz, winner of UNICOM Digital Award
Trianz, winner of UNICOM Digital Award and ranked among top 20 Mobility services firm by Silicon Review, is helping clients by making employee portals ‘social-professional’ creating an environment of collaboration, speed of decisions and fun!

Business Outcomes

Employer Ratings Employer Ratings
Talent Growth Talent Growth
Profitability Profitability
Talent Growth Talent Growth
Resist urge to direct Resist urge to direct
Productivity Productivity
Innovation Innovation
Satisfied Customers Satisfied Customers
Quality of Work Quality of Work

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