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Competitive Intelligence Consulting Practice is part of our advanced precision marketing initiative, tapping into our marketing analysts’ years of data science expertise and hard-won wisdom acquired from extensive work on the client side of the equation.

What makes successful businesses tick? In many instances, it is not clear why some businesses take off and other businesses with similar goods or services struggle. With our competitive intelligence service, enterprises now have the mathematical means to find out why, and determine how they can stay in the game and shape a more profitable destiny.

Trianz Competitive — A smarter approach to competitive intelligence

Trianz’ competitive intelligence expertise builds on our marketing analytics service, augmenting previously established research/ analytic capabilities to more accurately measure and compare our clients’ competition in terms of product offerings, pricing models, organizational structure, and even business practices.

Building Blocks

Our competitive intelligence processes bring in best-in-class analytic tools that allow you to gain a more in-depth, clear-cut understanding of your position in the marketplace with respect to your competition. From a ‘how do our products/ brands measure up against our competition?’ perspective, Trianz’ competitive intelligence services include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Research analytics to evaluate competitor products, next generation rollouts, product specifications, service offerings
  • Comparative sales analytics that target and benchmark pricing structures, product introductions, promotional activities, and sales structures
  • Benchmark tools to measure manufacturing/ cost structures, distribution channels, and supply chain business processes

From a ‘how do our organization’s internal management and business processes compare with our competitors?’ viewpoint, Trianz’ competitive intelligence consultants leverage analytics tools to discover similarities, as well as differences, in the organizational aspect of business competition. This can entail competing firms’ investments, organizational changes, corporate strategies, acquisitions, and key executives. Our competitive data analysis services help enterprises get inside the head of their competition - so to speak - with sophisticated business intelligence solutions and data science techniques that are capable of anticipating competitors’ future activities.

Just getting started?

If you are just getting started down the competitive intelligence path, Trianz offers interactive workshops and roadmap planning sessions using our proven ‘Discovery’ approach for your benefit.

Enabling technologies & processes

Tools for competitive intelligence

  • BuzzSumo
  • Open SEO Stats
  • BuiltWith
  • SEMrush
  • Alexa
  • TrackMaven
  • SimilarWeb

Enabling processes

  • ADL Matrix
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Industry Cost Curve
  • PEST Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Inflection Point Analysis
  • Trend Mapping
  • War Gaming
  • Scenario and Competitive Simulation Planning

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The team from Trianz went above and beyond to generate additional revenue sources for us, apart from fulfilling our original ask. This is something we’re extremely appreciative of, and we look forward to associating with Trianz repeatedly.

Director of Data Management

Global Storage Systems And Data Management Company

Trianz has not only helped us reap manifold business benefits, but has also bolstered our relationship with our customers. Ongoing support is a bonus!


Property And Casualty Insurance Major

Our collaboration with Trianz has been exceptional with conspicuous benefits. The platform now effectively manages customer reference data, while addressing data accuracy and quality issues.


Large Insurance Company


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