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Finding customer success with Salesforce and Trianz

Salesforce leads the field of cloud services solutions not only as an ultimate bundle as far as CRM systems go, but with its complete suite of enterprise applications centered on the key aspects of customer success:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics
  • Application development

Salesforce.com represents the best-of-breed cloud-based CRM solution in the market today, with more than 150,000 customers giving it a 20 percent market share, according to Cloudwars.

Salesforce holds a key advantage over others because of its scale and platform capabilities. With its tightly integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) sitting on top of powerful PaaS (Platform as a Service), Salesforce development companies can take a basic CRM database and expand it into a customer satisfaction system that touches almost every aspect of your business. But that scale also increases the complexity of development. The company has an array of services and options that are mystifying even to the most knowledgeable of users.

Salesforce development in 2020 requires strong knowledge and subject-matter expertise that only providers with practical hands-on experience can offer. That’s why many companies choose to bring in Salesforce development consultants like Trianz to ensure that the mission is accomplished quickly and optimally.

Our expertise in CRM development, integration and implementation

Trianz is a leading customer relationship management consulting firm. We have partnered with Salesforce to deliver industry-leading customer relationship management functionality for our clients. Our expert team of consultants can step in at any stage in your digital transformation journey, assessing and implementing leading software and hardware solutions to drive business growth.

We have decades of experience helping our clients to find and retain customers with the assistance of bleeding-edge CRM platforms like Salesforce. We offer comprehensive assessment and integration services that maximize both, customer attraction and retention.

When it comes to developing, integrating and implementing the total Salesforce package, we are all about getting the absolute maximum value from this far-reaching solution.

Salesforce implementation services

As a Salesforce implementation partner, Trianz has access to all the in-house expertise behind the cloud platform. Our SFDC consulting experts work directly with Salesforce engineers to iron out problems even before they happen. And with broad experience that has come from pioneering hundreds of major enterprise-grade Salesforce implementations across industries and sectors, our experts can offer unparalleled stability and efficiency during the transition.

To save time and friction, drive desired results and minimize costs, our experts can lead the way in implementing the following Salesforce platforms:

  • Sales Cloud: We will implement Salesforce Sales Cloud for your organization so that it is perfectly in line with your business requirements while drastically increasing your company’s pipeline and sales velocity. Automation of the routine tasks will further make everyone’s jobs easier.

  • Service Cloud: Successful implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud comes down to customizing the platform according to your organization’s unique customer service philosophy, which itself should reflect your unique customer base’s culture, expectations and needs. Trianz experts will work closely with you to link the tool to the vision.

  • Marketing Cloud: With the right strategic implementation, you can maximize the value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the ultimate tool for customer engagement. Our clients have used our customized versions of this platform to increase their marketing ROI by 25% and higher thanks to a personalized approach to customer engagement.

Salesforce integration services

Many Salesforce development and implementation firms have emerged to help sort through these various options and build custom connectors and components on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce implementation consulting is a highly specialized niche that requires not only top-level programming talent but also a systems-level approach that not many companies have mastered.

Trianz has expertise in all the key competencies necessary to effectively bridge the gap:

  • Planning, building and migrating information and processes
  • Developing secure data interconnection protocols
  • Creating effective data analytics design and reporting

Trianz has experienced multi-platform developers who have years of expertise in coding across languages and systems to ensure that integrations are fast and bug-free.

Salesforce custom development services

One of the disadvantages of SaaS CRM platforms is the overlap and duplication of internal data and systems that can occur. Data they collect can be crucial to decision support and accounting systems already built-out within the enterprise, and vice versa. But since SaaS systems are, by design, self-contained, it is necessary to create custom connectors to avoid issues of duplicate entry and allow accurate and up-to-date data interchange.

For an efficient and effective Salesforce implementation strategy, custom development services are used to tie Salesforce cloud platforms to internal corporate data structures and workflow systems.

Any kind of development that connects internal operations with cloud-based systems requires some serious design and programming considerations, including:

  • Security
  • Data integrity
  • Privacy features

That’s why transitions are best conducted by specialists such as Trianz that have in-depth experience in the Salesforce backend, as well as considerable experience dealing with diverse corporate systems from a wide range of industries.

Additional support

Additionally, Trianz has all your bases covered when it comes to any project connected to your Salesforce initiative. Other areas of support include:

Salesforce migration services: Whether you have already made the decision to migrate from your current CRM tool to Salesforce, or you need an outside perspective to help guide you through the matter, our experts will help you weigh the pros and cons of migrating. And if you decide to pull the trigger, we will help you execute the migration quickly and seamlessly with nothing lost in between.

Salesforce consulting and advisory services: Experts at Trianz love to get their hands dirty, so to speak, working directly on the platforms and applications we put at your disposal. While we are technology-focused, we are always business-forward with big picture ambitions in mind. Above all else, our consultants and advisors can bring value to your organization by working closely with your leadership to devise bulletproof strategies and executable roadmaps geared towards coming up with predictive outcomes for your initiative.

Support and training services: Customizing, integrating and implementing the tools is only half of the equation. Our job is not done until you achieve customer success across the board, and this will require ongoing support and training. Our on-demand service package puts us at your teams’ disposal whenever they need our support. We can schedule regular training sessions or provide support on the fly in response to specific scenarios.

Get in touch with our team today to set up an initial consultation and find out how Salesforce assessment and integration can bring change to your organization quickly.

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