Going beyond simple forensics by establishing a more goal-oriented, forward-thinking approach.

In general, traditional predictive analytics endeavor to do a fair job of using data gathered from the past to better predict the future. However, why should we limit all the business potential that predictive analytics has to offer through this one-dimensional lens? Trianz’ Predictive Analytics Practice was developed to create more three-dimensional perceptions that go way beyond 20/20 hindsight.

Our Predictive Analytics Practice encompasses more than just typical predictive analytics solutions. Instead, our service offerings are designed to help firms go beyond simple forensics by establishing a more goal-oriented, forward-thinking approach from the very start. By breaking away from conventional applications and opening up your strategy, you can truly explore new revenue, profit, and cost reduction opportunities to transform your business.

Going from good, to better, to best

Building Blocks

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Start with goal setting and project planning. Instead of simply isolating an opportunity that lends itself to prediction based on past data and stopping there, Trianz’ predictive analytics specialists help you identify business growth opportunities that are most critical to your success. Working backwards, typical forensics becomes part of a larger strategy that can isolate immediate opportunities for process enhancement over past methods. By focusing on potential and not just historical patterns, your organization can better anticipate external environments, including competitive consequences.

Create a straighter line from data preparation to analytics to proper business alignment. Rather than merely exploiting available data or capturing untested data that might offer potential improvement, our predictive teams:

1) Put extra effort into researching what data would actually be the most useful, whether or not it is easily available

2) Deconstruct and test complex outcomes to improve results

Going further than status quo predictions, we ensure individual datasets can integrate and align within the context of your larger business puzzle, directly supporting business realities versus proper analytic conventions.

Use findings and recommendations to more effectively build and implement a sustainable predictive analytics program. Using predictive analytics merely to isolate actionable findings, provide explicit recommendations, and measure program success provides only part of the story. In sharp contrast, we at Trianz tell you the complete story in business terms, getting beyond data point-specific predictions to examine when and how the status quo analytics could evolve into new methods and expectations.

Unlike typical management consultants, our team provides the full lifecycle package -- goals and strategy, implementation expertise, as well as post deployment and ongoing management -- so your business can follow and assess external environmental impacts over time (for instance, attrition, loyalty, customer level profit, evolving demand, competitive response).

Benefits beyond the basics

Trianz’ Predictive Analytics Services offer the following sustainable benefits:

  • Recommendations outlining future enhancements where iterative learning and incremental enhancements can be achieved
  • Ability to overhaul status quo as opportunities present themselves
  • Accurate benchmarking to create and reward accountability for long-term positive impacts (clients can achieve up to 10:1 or greater ROI)
  • Flexibility to update or drop models that are no longer as effective
  • Periodic evaluation to assess continuous improvement opportunities that enhance the business based on data findings
  • Business process improvements, infrastructure enhancements, and more effective data utilization tools