Let’s face it. When it comes to data warehouse technology, there are plenty of vendors and configurations to consider. The question is, which makes the most sense for your enterprise today and down the road? That’s where Trianz can help.

Our data warehouse specialists evaluate, install, configure and implement high-performance data warehouse architectures all over the globe. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, and scalable, with future add-on capacity to avoid unnecessary upfront costs due to overprovisioning. Trianz helps clients develop date warehouse solutions with a ‘belt and suspenders’ philosophy, ensuring hardware or software malfunctions do not bring your business to its knees. Components within our solutions can include warm-standby servers, dual networks, dual power supply technology, and disk backup or disk mirroring with failover and solutions for server failure.

Building Blocks

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Trianz Integration Services

The concept is simple -- effective data integration is the key to meaningful business intelligence. The trick is to make complex or incompatible sources of data compatible. As the sheer volume of disparate sources of data continues to grow, Trianz Integration data warehouse and Big Data specialists like to stay ahead of the game in solving clients’ complex integration challenges.

These may include cases of merging systems between two companies, consolidating applications within one company, or starting a Big Data integration program that will combine company data assets with unstructured social media, sensor data, and other non-conforming information. One scenario might involve traditional database extraction queries, rules-based engines that convert voice to text from video and audio data, and Hadoop-equivalent file-based storage structures in combination with data processing toolsets that can run on any platform.

Trianz’ deployment of pioneering data integration solutions over the past decade continues to evolve today. Our thought leaders consistently encourage and promote forward-thinking innovation, and our data warehousing and BI teams thrive on creating order out of chaos. Using advanced ETL toolsets, Trianz develops repeatable processes to measure large volumes of dissimilar data and create relationships that ultimately provide business users with unified views and insights into their business operations.