Discussion around service renewals programs seldom gets the desire attention when business and IT come together to chart a course of action. Key reasons include decision-making inertia which builds up in the absence of supporting data. As a result, key resources and investments get lost in deciding whether to:

  • To in-source or outsource
  • Automate processes or have a human touch
  • Enable self-service options or have them agent directed

Building Blocks

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Business Imperatives
  • Cost optimization, especially when the businesses are undergoing transformation
  • Optimal resource allocation in a cost-effective manner to smoothen out the peaks and valleys of demand
  • Enable internal resources to focus on higher value-add activities
  • Deploying resources, standard methods, and tools to rapidly transition to steady state and enable future system flexibility
  • Timely renewals at appropriate service levels based on customer history
  • Improving the predictable performance of applications to the defined service levels