Join a team that is exclusively focused on Digital Transformations

How to Make an Impact at Trianz

Be Passionate About Solving Problems in Digital

Transformations. Whether solving business or technology issues, we encourage our staff to take charge of a client’s problem, partnering with them to get things done.


Be Creative, yet Structured

and Organized. Consulting is about diagnosing problems, visualizing where we want our clients to progress and helping them get there – all of which requires not just meticulous analysis and planning, but also team creativity.


Be a Leader. We are looking for talent that has Trianz traits – a gift for organization, communication, persistence, thinking on the go, and above all – able to motivate a team through the mission, from a plan to results.


Strike a balance between thought and action.

Execution requires the yang of thought and action. The core attributes in all our consultants are: intellectual curiosity, analytical skills, ability to visualize a journey, and a strong work ethic to get to the destination.


Be relentless about

learning. Strategic Execution is not just about project management. It is a large, complex, yet sparsely researched field. Over the past fifteen years, Trianz has developed a unique point of view in this arena, which includes encouraging associates to learn from multi–disciplinary experiences. We look for a special zeal, entrepreneurial energy, a learning and expressive attitude that continues to shape our thoughts and approaches. This is as true for entry–level talent as it is for our mid–career and senior leaders.


Be a reliable teammate.

The ability to communicate, respect others' views, listen and inspire cooperation and camaraderie among your coworkers is central to success.


Our People

The 1,500+ Associates at Trianz hail from various different countries, speak many languages, have a dozen educational disciplines, and enjoy countless hobbies. All associates, however, are bound by common passions such as simplifying digital evolutions through effective strategies and excellence in execution, keeping clients always at the center, upholding the firm's values, and having fun.


Jennifer Weichert

Senior Consultant

Jennifer is among Trianz’ most dynamic leaders driving its digital...


John Huffman

Vice President, Analytics Practice

John Huffman has always maintained that any job worth doing is a job...


Don Arendarczyk

Vice President, Analytics Practice

Don’s commitment to delivering high quality, practical solutions on-time..


Matt Feyling

Vice President, Analytics Practice

Matthew (Matt) likes to go the extra mile and exceed expectations...


Carol Vazirani

Senior Consultant

Carol is a detail-oriented, highly accomplished technical project...


Sameer Zaveri

Director, Cloud Practice

Sameer is highly respected for his strong hands-on leadership style...