Over the past 16 years, Trianz has developed and matured a unique client service model which powers client success and satisfaction. Unlike most professional services firms, our client engagement is not a reflection of our internal organization and structures. Instead, it is centered around the one philosophy 'Total Client Centricity.' We look at every client problem uniquely and on its merits, provide fact-based strategies, roadmaps, and execution approaches and bring together multidisciplinary teams required to execute them.

Our model is based on the following principles:

  • Research led: Every Trianz proposal, strategy, and roadmap engagement is backed by research on the subject under discussion at an overall industry and company level
  • Business outcome orientation: All our endeavors with clients are based on a thorough analysis of desired outcomes, current state and performance improvements across a range of KPIs. Every initiative we partner with has to deliver outcomes and capabilities
  • Multidisciplinary teams: Every digital transformation engagement needs a holistic set of capabilities, skills and teamwork to achieve desired outcomes. Here is where we configure intelligent formations that are client-problem-solution centered as opposed to internally driven
  • Business-Technology hybrid: Our teams bring the required business/ management consulting and technology skills woven into one continuous technology delivery cycle. In effect, clients get one team with very low management overhead or loss in translation
  • Global technology delivery capabilities: Trianz has three technology delivery centers in India which are leveraged by our teams at client locations. Each center is located in a tier 1 campus with state-of-the-art facilities keeping our teams connected, secure and in constant communication
  • Forward-looking Risk and Assurance Framework: All of Trianz’ execution is based on a forward view of our delivery cycle, anticipating challenges, creating and leveraging contingencies -- all supported by an open, transparent status reporting. Clients do not experience surprises