The cloud presents a paradigm shift in enterprise computing. Where on-prem infrastructure is restrictive and complex to manage, the cloud is known for its scalability and simplified operations management. This unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, where server infrastructure can grow and adapt alongside your business.

At Trianz, our experts fully realize the potential of the public and private cloud. On-demand access to computing resources, coupled with elastic scaling, allow enterprises to develop their services without worrying about capacity. We can help you optimize and scale your IT operations to meet customer and employee demands.

Cloud scaling benefits

With on-prem infrastructure, your server hardware is set in stone. If you need more processing power or storage disks, you must bear the brunt of upfront hardware acquisition costs. Our experts agree that this hardware will become outdated within a year or so, and by then demand will start to exceed capacity.

By leveraging scaling in the cloud, your business will benefit from:

  • More reliable services – With on-prem, when hardware utilization is maxed out, there is no room for growth. Instead, your services will incur a performance penalty or fail completely. Cloud scaling is a solution to this problem, provisioning computing resources depending on demand. This will benefit service reliability, ensuring that end users experience minimal interruption to their services.

  • Eliminate upfront hardware costs – Spending thousands of dollars on IT hardware is a significant investment for any business. It can also take a long time for you to realize a return on investment (ROI). The on-demand nature of the cloud allows you to get an immediate ROI, with operational costs being spread over monthly payments.

Cloud optimization benefits

The cloud is scalable, but you don’t want your infrastructure to scale unnecessarily. Unoptimized cloud deployments can significantly reduce the value offered by the cloud to your enterprise.

By optimizing your cloud applications and infrastructure, your business will benefit from:

  • Reduced operational expenditure – Traditional legacy applications were built with older hardware architectures and operating systems in mind and are rarely able to leverage platform-specific functionality in the cloud. By optimizing your applications and infrastructure, you can leverage this functionality to minimize costs while continuing to deliver high-caliber digital experiences for customers.

  • Better performance – An unoptimized application will never perform to its full potential. By integrating and redeveloping your services in the cloud, you can minimize performance overhead. This will improve the user experience (UX), attracting more customers to your product or service offering.

Cloud scaling and optimization with Trianz

Trianz is a leading cloud operations service provider with managed service provider (MSP) accreditation on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We can help you optimize your cloud infrastructure and applications. Once that is done, the elastic scalability of the cloud allows your network to grow alongside your business.

Our cloud scaling and optimization strategy services include:

  • Application and infrastructure optimization – As discussed, proper optimization can significantly reduce operational costs and improve performance. This frees up financial capital for other endeavors and solidifies the quality of your service delivery.

    Our experts can step in to assess your existing services or infrastructure. We can identify potential software bottlenecks and platform incompatibilities before redeveloping and optimizing your services for the cloud. For ongoing maintenance, you can take advantage of robotic process automation (RPA) to automate repetitive IT operations management (ITOM) workloads and keep things running optimally.

  • Application and infrastructure scaling – When you need higher performance, the cloud offers you elastic scaling functionality. This maximizes performance while minimizing costs—a win-win situation for enterprises.

    We provide a range of managed services, offloading IT operations management workloads from your IT team. These services benefit from built-in scalability with minimal effort on your part. Our experts are also well-versed in orchestration and container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. By using these technologies, you can miniaturize your services to improve resilience, and easily scale up and down in heterogeneous cloud infrastructure environments.

Scale and optimize your operations with Trianz

The modern world is an incredibly competitive environment for enterprises, which need every opportunity they can find to beat the competition. More and more businesses are taking advantage of our scalability and optimization services. With the cloud, you can benefit from scalable infrastructure that lets your business grow without restriction.

Our experts have already helped hundreds of our clients optimize their applications and infrastructure while leveraging the immense benefits of the cloud. With IT service management (ITSM) and ITOM under control, your business can instead focus on the customer growth and satisfaction.

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