Migrate your data stores to leverage the full potential of the cloud.

Cloud-based data storage has become a proven and reliable alternative to traditional server farms in every industry. But your company can’t enjoy all the advantages that come with cloud-based data storage without one important step: migrating your stores.

No matter what platform you select as the ultimate destination, we can help you transfer your data smoothly, safely and efficiently. And if you don’t know which platform to pick, we can help you develop a strategy and select the best match for your needs.

Cloud-based data storage offers proven efficiencies at scale

Data storage was the first real broad use of cloud-based services. At this point, it is a time-tested and proven solution that has been used effectively in every industry vertical and for every type of data.

  • Cost-effective data storage – The cloud operates via economies of scale. With hosting providers buying so much hardware in bulk, they can reduce the purchasing costs of their assets, which they pass on to you as savings. By allowing more efficient utilization of clustered computing resources, the cloud helps enterprises achieve significantly lower operating costs compared to on-prem.

  • Elastic and scalable computing – With on-prem data storage, you are at the mercy of your own hardware limitations. You sit at two ends of the spectrum, either under-utilizing your hardware or not having enough capacity to deliver optimal services. We have found that the cloud overcomes this problem with scalable computing resources. Enterprises can scale their available resource pool up and down, consistently meeting processing demands while minimizing financial waste on overprovisioning.

  • Integrated security – When storing data on a hosting platform, you benefit from the bolstered security of the cloud. The major providers are incentivized to maintain incredibly high standards of security to both, attract and retain customers. This also benefits you, as most of the security management burden falls on the provider. Provisions like uptime service level agreements (SLAs) and built-in data center network security make the cloud a highly secure and reliable option for data storage.

We can help you secure all those benefits in your cloud migration project while maintaining your current access, structure and permissions configurations.

Data migration to Amazon Web Services with Trianz

Since Amazon is the original at-scale cloud storage service, we as AWS Services Advanced Partner have more hands-on expertise in performing AWS migrations.

  • Work with proven toolsets - We make migrations work like clockwork with a proven set of custom-developed data connectors and tools to validate and scrub data throughout the migration process. We also offer analysis and integration with third-party reporting plugins like Tableau that your users are already familiar with.

  • Data integrity is the primary job - We deliver consistent migration solutions with tests at each step to verify data management and integrity. Our post-migration data-comparison results give the verification you need to let you sleep at night, knowing your information has been transferred safely.

  • Tap into the best-in-class expertise - Because we deal with homogeneous and heterogenous migration across a variety of popular database and data warehouse software, including Aurora and Redshift, not to mention custom store solutions, we can take data out of any system you run and move it successfully into AWS.

  • Transition from any platform - We have a proven track record migrating data into AWS from both, Windows and Linux platforms. That includes handling data both from traditional relational database stores like Ariba, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server, and newer types of stores like Hadoop and NoSQL repositories.

Whether you need a cloud migration strategy built from the ground up or on-call expertise when you start running into problems, our experts can help add value at every stage.

Data migration to Azure with Trianz

We have been a Gold-tier Microsoft Azure Managed Services Partner since 2015 and have handled migration services for thousands of clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

  • Platform familiarity – If you’re moving to Microsoft cloud, your staff can use a solution they are already familiar with and trained on. If this is your first transition to the Microsoft platform, we can help you make it seamless by training your staff and developing custom tools to integrate migration efforts with your existing platform.

  • Move the current Microsoft and non-Microsoft stores to the Azure Cloud - Although Azure is Microsoft through and through, it accepts a wide variety of data sources to allow you to convert any database type.

  • Deep integration with Microsoft products - Azure is tightly integrated with your favorite Microsoft products, including Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Active Directory for seamless connections with your existing corporate permissions and directory services.

  • Speedier, secure migrations with custom-developed tools - Our custom-designed Evove tool allows data migration from common data stores for up to 95 percent of your existing configuration, reducing the time needed to recreate your designs and data structures.

We will tune and optimize your data all through the Azure migration process, so you can get a cleaner, tighter, more flexible and accessible set of data.

Why Trianz?

We put customer satisfaction first. Our consultants communicate with you on every aspect of the migration process, until every element is configured to your exact specification. With a technology-focused, business-forward approach, we’ll break down your migration path into clear, operationally effective steps that satisfy your business goals as well as your technology needs.

The strategic clarity that our consulting teams can bring to your cloud data migration process will save valuable months and uncover new considerations and impacts for your operations. Our cloud data migration engagement does not just end with a successful move of your data into inexpensive cloud storage, but also with a renewed vision of how that data can be leveraged for business advantages.

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