Development Operations or DevOps is an agile development practice that is gaining traction—and for a good reason. The development cycle can be incredibly complex, especially when developers are collaborating with other departments in the business. DevOps tackles this complexity, simplifying the development cycle through a combination of agile methodologies, automation and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Trianz understands the intricacies of software development and how interdepartmental friction can interrupt the development cycle. We can help you implement a DevOps strategy that maximizes the productivity of your development teams.

DevOps strategy benefits

Before implementing a DevOps strategy, you will likely need to make an upfront investment in systems, software and staff training. Even with that investment, the value of implementing a DevOps strategy means it quickly pays for itself.

Some benefits of adopting a DevOps strategy are:

  • Eliminate communication bottlenecks – One pillar of the DevOps methodology is improving interdepartmental communication. Your development and operations teams are closely linked, but a lack of communication can severely disrupt the development cycle. By implementing a DevOps approach, you can break down walls and foster a more collaborative work environment.

  • Consistent service delivery – Another pillar of the DevOps methodology is a fast response to service interruptions. With DevOps, the aim is to minimize the two related DevOps terminologies - the mean time to acknowledge (MTTA) and mean time to remediation (MTTR). This will help you maintain high service uptimes and eliminate performance bottlenecks that affect service quality.

  • Personal responsibility – Your developers are in control of your infrastructure and applications, so it’s only right that you hold them accountable for any alterations they make. DevOps is built around personal accountability, tracking developer actions as they write and test their code. This is accomplished through CI/CD, where all changes are tracked and labeled to the developer. A DevOps strategy will promote personal responsibility and encourage developers to write better code, improving your work culture and the quality of your services.

Implementing a DevOps strategy with Trianz

Trianz is a leading DevOps consulting firm with our experts offering a combination of development and operational expertise. We will help you promote a DevOps culture across your business, so you can start delivering industry-leading digital experiences to your customers.

Our DevOps strategy services include:

  • CI/CD pipelines – A pipeline is used to automate both the integration and deployment sides of CI/CD. In other words, pipelines can be used to automate steps in the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC), along with numerous related IT operations management workloads.

    Our DevOps experts have built CI/CD pipelines for all applications, platforms and infrastructure types. For example, our consultants have implemented pipelines on major platforms including Kubernetes Operations for AWS (KOps), the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and the Google Kubernetes Engine (GCE).

  • Microservices – A microservice is a method of modularizing your services that ties in well with CI/CD. Previously, development teams were creating monolithic applications; massive all-in-one applications that were difficult to update. With microservices, these singular applications are split into smaller modules, each of which can be updated individually.

    We have helped several clients to split the core functions of their applications into microservices. Our experts follow the agile DevOps methodology of distributing development effort across multiple smaller projects. This helps development teams to collaborate more effectively with continuous development versus traditional development methodologies. By distributing your services as microservices, you will benefit from improved uptimes, better resilience and a more productive and agile development process.

  • Automated remediation – One of the biggest benefits of DevOps is the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning. On the IT service desk, this could be used to remediate low-level service requests automatically without human input. Additionally, you could automate server failovers by tasking an AI to run a script when a network connection drops out. To monitor this, you could implement the DevOps practice of continuous monitoring. This creates a system hook that delivers continuous feedback on bugs and other issues to your development team.

    We see great potential in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to implement automation functions into your services.

Develop your operations with Trianz

Delay is the last thing a developer needs when testing software. Our DevOps experts understand this struggle and know how to remediate the issue. By implementing a DevOps strategy, your developers can design, develop, test and deploy new software with minimal interruption.

In addition, better communication between your development and operations team will expedite the development process, resulting in more resilient and agile services that deliver a better user experience.

Trianz can offer you better scalability, flexibility and reliability during the development cycle. Get in touch to book a consultation!

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