Concierto.Cloud provides the complete life cycle of cloud operations and a growing set of new features as cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM accelerate their capabilities.

Concierto.Cloud Overview

Cloud Provisioning & Deployment Identity & Access Management Catalog, Incident , Change & Event Management Orchestration & Optimization Dynamic multi-cloud CMDB Automated Patch Management Infra Health Checks & Compliance 360° Infra Analytics

Automated Provisioning & Deployment

A powerful and extensible orchestration engine featuring automation catalog for self-service support for multi-tenant deployment and integration with multi-cloud CMDB.

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Environment, OS & Applications Provisioning

  • Containerized and non-Containerized Application Deployment

Identity & Access Management

Comprehensive control on secure user access & identity enabled by multi-tenancy, federated SSO based authentication, group-based access, and policy control. Architected for end-to-end security & high availability.

  • Group based Segregation

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Catalog Incident, Change & Event Management

Comprehensive multi-cloud and on-prem IT service management capabilities that can be delivered from a single console to any environment.

  • Automated Incident or Event creation

  • Centralized event management and automated suggestions

  • ITIL Compliant Catalog, Incident and Change management

  • Intelligent noise reduction, Rules & Filters

  • Event De-duplication & Correlations

  • Automated Prioritization

  • RCA and Impact Analysis

  • One Click Remediation

  • Integration with 3rd party ITSM solutions/CMDB

Automated Orchestration & Multi-Cloud Optimization

State of the art containerized and non-containerized orchestration capabilities supported by total visibility across all clouds. Concierto.Cloud provides the ability to move applications between clouds.

  • Pipeline management with Terraform and other platforms

  • Baseline Automation across the platforms

  • Build your own Config/Event Automations

  • Applications or Container Deployment

  • Multi-Cloud container movement and Optimization

Dynamic Multi-Cloud CMDB & Asset Management

Perhaps the world’s most advanced CMDB which is updated with asset information and changes across all cloud and on-prem environments near real time.

  • Single source of truth for ALL Cloud & On Prem Cis

  • Transparent management of dynamic cloud infrastructure supporting Cloud Compute, Storage

  • Microservices and Container elements

  • Automated and event driven CI Synchronization

Automated Patch Management

Manage patches across servers across environments through rule-based prioritization, sequencing and patch selection capabilities. Dramatically reduce manual work.

  • Automated Scans across Windows and Unix Servers

  • Automated Patch sequencing, staging, execution

  • Alerts and Failure remediation

Health & Compliance

  • Compliance blueprints by tenant

  • Current baselines and gaps

  • Audit ready Compliance reports

  • Public Cloud Platform Changes & Suggestions

  • Revisions and upgrades to blueprints

  • Automated remediations

Cloud Analytics

  • Real-time and periodic reports

  • Performance, Utilization, consumption, financial projections, historical spend

  • Threshold Analytics and failure prevention

  • Cloud consumption optimization opportunities

  • Enterprise SW License optimization opportunities

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