We have taken Complexity out of the Equation. Get from Manual to Automated in 60 Days.

Concierto.Cloud has been designed for rapid deployment, steady state achievement and automated infrastructure operations. For clients that have a mature ITSM process infrastructure and third-party tooling in place- our process takes less than 60 days. Here are the major steps:

Initiation and Planning

Initiation & Planning

  • Joint planning of objectives, alignment of teams and collection of basic infrastructure data

  • Concierto.Cloud and cloud infrastructure overview for IT Ops teams



  • Current cloud and on prem infrastructure, SOPs, tooling and communication protocols

  • SLAs, KPIs, Health-check and compliance policies

  • Future cloud infrastructure evolution roadmap



  • Assessment of gaps and complexity; finalization of deployment specs

  • Detailed on-boarding, steady state and automation roadmap

  • Concierto.Cloud training for IT Ops teams and leaders

Concierto Foundation Setup

Concierto.Cloud Foundation Setup

  • Activation of Concierto.Cloud ITSM or integration 3rd party ITSM platforms

  • Discovery of AWS and Azure subscriptions and populate in Concierto.Cloud CMDB

  • Integration with DevOps/Pipeline management and Cloud native or/ 3rd party monitoring and patch management tools

Concierto Integration Setup

Concierto.Cloud Integration Setup

  • IDP Integration; foundational data setup in Concierto.Cloud

  • Tenant / Sub-Tenant / Organization mapping

  • User and Assignment Group setup

  • AWS / Azure subscriptions mapping at Tenant and Sub-Tenant level

Concierto Automation Rollout

Concierto.Cloud Automation Rollout

  • Orchestration use cases, Server Provisioning, Configuration Changes and Access Requests

  • Automated end-to-end patching enabled

  • Automated HC scanning configured

Concierto Steady State Ops

Concierto.Cloud Steady State Ops

  • Routine Weekly Activities Report

  • SLA, KPI, Health-check Report

  • Quarterly Workload Forecast- Provisioning, Orchestration & Automation

For clients who are lacking in ITSM process maturity, tooling and have not yet started their cloud infrastructure journeys, the time to achieve steady state may take longer. However, the Concierto.Cloud professional services team will provide a clear plan of action by the end of the Assessment stage (i.e. 3 weeks from start).


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