Deliver Optimal And Segmented Messages With Advanced Automation Strategies

Businesses are going digital, and how! Thanks to multiple online channels, a growing set of technologies, and rising customer expectations, enterprises – especially their Marketing functions – are feeling the heat. Little surprise that the demand for expert marketing automation consultants and best-in-class marketing automation solutions is at an all-time high.

At Trianz, we specialize in combining marketing automation technologies with a unified strategic vision for efficient marketing automation and operations. From content marketing automation to digital marketing automation, we do everything to drive the rapid iteration of content and campaigns across multiple channels. The key outcomes are improved customer engagement, better lead conversion, higher operational efficiencies, deeper visibility and precision.

Interestingly, the largest marketing automation companies may or may not be the best marketing automation companies (and vice versa). Simply because more volume is never a substitute for greater value.

We at Trianz understand this sentiment, and are committed toward achieving excellence in execution at all times. We understand the significance of meeting customer demands with the right information at the right time through the right channel. We also understand the importance of having a workforce that analyzes before it acts.

Consequently, when you partner with Trianz, you not only follow in the footsteps of digital natives and market leaders to achieve efficient marketing automation and operations, but also experience the following benefits:

  • Superior and fact-based decision making capabilities
  • Reactive to proactive posture of marketing
  • Campaign and content effectiveness
  • Customer growth and revenue impact
  • Marketing ops efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better visibility of performance to C-suite

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

Trianz helps CDOs and CMOs craft comprehensive marketing automation programs, apart from implementing them successfully.

We help clients understand buyer journeys, personalization expectations, competition, and the role marketing automation plays in business. We build strategies and roadmaps to help integrate models, processes and platforms for a concerted delivery of marketing content and messages to customers. We also provide technology recommendations with sequencing of phases and solution capabilities, campaign assistance and Marketing Analytics as a Service.

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Our Success Stories


The white glove approach, agility, and flexibility of the team helped us to tap opportunities in the ever-changing business environment.

Director of Customer and Partner Services

A Leading Global IT And Networking Organization

Trianz proved to be our ‘Partner of Choice’ –not only for increasing productivity from workflow automation, but also for removing redundancy/duplication and increasing transparency between groups.

VP of Partnerships

A Large Life Insurance Company In The US

Trianz commitment to taking end-to-end ownership of developing the e-commerce web app is exemplary. Their dedicated involvement was key to us garnering the advantages of automated test suite development and manual testing

VP of Marketing

Global Storage Systems And Data Management Company


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