Only 7% of companies succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. Our Benchmarking data will tell you why.

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What is digital maturity benchmarking?

Every established company is in a hurry to transform; however, less than 10% actually succeed. It is important to understand the best practices followed by leaders before making definitive decisions on where to begin, how to prioritize, and how to execute.

After researching 5,000+ companies across 18 industries, Trianz has co-developed a model to measure where companies are on the digital continuum—called the “Digital Enterprise Evolution Model”— and how they evolved before becoming a leader. Leaders will know their current maturity against peers within the industry and on a global level.

Why benchmark your digital maturity?

Digital Maturity benchmarking reveals two very important dimensions of your business, your IT function, or the enterprise itself: 1) its absolute position on the digital continuum, and 2) its relative position against competitors and peers. Why is this important?

For starters, it is not easy to develop a vision, correctly prioritize, lead transformation, and measure success in a time of unprecedented change. Moreover, you must appeal to customers in a superior way to competitors. Digital Maturity Benchmarking brings clarity to what transformations are all about, and powers a data-driven vision, strategy, and priorities in order to put you in a position ahead of competition.

Our benchmarking data

Trianz utilizes a database called Ab-Initio (latin for “from the beginning”) to compare your digital maturity with thousands of companies worldwide, as well as within your own industry, to generate benchmarking insights. Our database contains over 1.5 million datapoints which are constantly updated.

Digital maturity benchmarking process and value

Our benchmarking process involves a series of short interviews, workshops, and data collection from various leaders within a given function. Depending on the size and complexity of a business or IT function being studied, we develop benchmarking insights for management in a span of 8-12 weeks. Benchmarking a full company takes us anywhere between 3-6 months. We provide the following deliverables to clients at the end of a benchmarking exercise.

  • Absolute and competitive positioning on the maturity model and comparison to global/industry averages as well as “best in class” or “digital champions.”

  • Digital competitiveness of the function or company and its current trajectory

  • High-level competitive priorities for the function or company to focus on.

  • Workshops and inputs for digital transformation strategy development and execution planning

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