Augmented Reality (AR) Design

With furniture, real estate, and manufacturing companies as early adopters of AR, all businesses are now intrigued by its ability. With both web and native mobile AR toolkits - we can quickly create AR concepts to test and deploy for any use case.

AR presents an opportunity to show product catalogs virtually in any context. Providing services like repair assistance, creating interactive marketing content, or using it for education to deliver 3D content can simplify many challenges with images and screens.

Seeing is believing

End-consumers often want to know how big is this TV, curtain, or furniture and how will look in their home. Knowing the size and seeing the size in an augmented environment make customers helps quicker buying decisions without going to the store.

Engineering & field service applications

When dealing with complex equipment and machinery second-guessing, a machine part can be catastrophic. Using computer vision and AR, in-context applications can improve knowledge and speed to search for information.

Social media filters

With Snapchat’s Snap AR platform making AR accessible for anyone and creating fun content, Gen-z has become increasingly comfortable using cameras to express themselves and explore.

Reduction in error rates in heavy industry machinery applications amongst pioneers

Faster task completion rate regarding maintenance and support using AR assisted services

The number of design revisions for CAD industries that use AR early for reviews

The failure rate has been achieved in aerospace-related use-cases where errors could be the difference between life and death

Our process



Decide on the nature of AR experience, whether it is for marketing promotions or products, and ideate on possible ways to tell a story using 3D content.


Content creation

Use 3D content to explore ways to present it in an AR environment and create a flow for users to interact with content. The quality of 3D content can significantly impact user experience, and getting it right is the quality.


Test and release

Whether using mobile web or deploying on native apps, making 3D model behave and load properly is key to give an optimum immersive experience.

Experimenting with AR is easy

Power of LiDAR

Easily detect human anatomy, spatial dimensions, and moving objects while integrating rich content in 3D space.

Readymade 3D assets

There are large 3D libraries with readymade assets, getting 3D content is easier than many think. Market place also has a big 3D artists community who build affordable content on demand.


Allows authors to upload, manage and edit 3D content without needing special skills. Keeping 3D content fresh is simple.

AR design and development tools

Reality Composer





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