CX Journey Mapping

Services to understand and transform the customer journey with data-driven mapping. It may just transform your business.

The power of journey mapping rests in its ability to expose business leaders to an outside-in view of their business directly from the real people using their products and services. Journey mapping can kickstart start point projects based on problems uncovered, or a larger digital or agile transformation.

The Power of Visualizing the Journey

Great CX journey mapping and consulting analyzes touchpoints at various stages in the customer experience, each of which can reveal challenges and provide value-adding opportunities that may have otherwise gone un-noticed.

Even customer experience (CX)-savvy companies can overlook potential sources of friction at points of purchase, especially in this digital era. Their CX strategies often miss out on talking about the importance of transparency, real-time insights, and marketing sophistication that minimize failed conversions.

Analyzing CX in a Digital Era

The digital customer experience phenomenon has raised customer expectations dramatically, and requires enforcing consistency across all customer touch points – digital and otherwise.

By effectively engaging your customers, you can realize:

Increased sales from cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Reduced cost with increased efficiency

Increased customer lifetime value

Seamless cross-channel experience

Location-based services

Trianz’ design strategists believe any business can and should:

Build positive opinions

Journey maps help businesses design for desired customers or employees' behaviors, so they become advocates of your products, services, brands, and systems.

Get real about customer’s perception

Look at all interactions that contribute to a customer’s sentiment during their interactions and accurately judge how customers are feeling.

Make bets on initiatives that matter

A customer journey map can get you very close, making your customer experience successful. They will become your brand's advocates and accelerate growth for your business.

Key industries served by Trianz experts include:


Launching a new treatment, drug, trial, procedure, or device can be simplified by mapping patient, healthcare practitioner, and caregiver journeys.

Understand fears, apprehensions and needs from all directions, and build solutions to systematically address concerns around the adoption.


Whether using a loyalty program, subscription, rewards, or e-commerce channels to drive sales and conversions — this map can show all the decision points and basket-building opportunities along the entire customer journey.

SaaS & Enterprise

Successfully launch bold new features that increase utility and productivity of apps. Understand specific timing to deliver the highest satisfaction by meeting the biggest user expectations plotted on a journey map.

How Do Organizations Create Customer Journey Maps?

At Trianz, we specialize in helping businesses profile and segment their customers so they can offer relevant choices coupled with meaningful service in moments that matter most. We leverage the right data-driven customer experience insights to recommend solutions for continuous buyer experience improvements across channels and segments.

Our specialists have redesigned online interactions with nano precision and implemented proven UX best practices for our clients, while our CX management solutions help clients’ front-line staff and digital interfaces deliver honest, customized, human experiences and customer satisfaction.

How do we do it? Our customer journey mapping process includes:


Building Empathy

We collect qualitative and quantitative data through interviews, focus groups, existing analytics, metrics, and surveys.


Mapping the Journey

All of the information is strung together in a visual diagram and then synthesized into essential components that reveal user goals and sentiments along each step on the journey.


Aligning and Strategizing

We dissolve organizational silos and offer a singular view to orient all stakeholders around the customer experience, and enable collective ideation to shape the future state of the journey.

Journey Mapping Tools


Survey Monkey



Post It

A Look at Our CX Journey Mapping Template

The result of effective journey mapping – for the customer – is the elimination of pain points along their journey, while concurrently delivering empathy to their perspectives and needs wherever and whenever they occur. Aspects of customer service that have dissipated in sync with the development of new digital channels can be turned into positive by creating customer data collection opportunities in those channels.

Manual processes of collecting customer feedback can now be coupled with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to not only formulate the best customer personas, but also predict behaviors and future needs.

To meet the business needs and goals that our clients have established, Trianz has built a flexible customer journey map template and research methodology that accurately captures current state conversion issues within the context of customer personas and at every stage of the customer’s experience.

Our goal is to create a single diagram which you can use to analyze your user's end-to-end journey — complete with complaints and appreciations — to build empathy and then make strategic business decisions.

Your Goals are Our Goals

We know how beneficial a high-value, low-friction customer experience is in the buying and product/service usage phases. Winning customer loyalty, boosting sales growth, and garnering competitive advantage are part of the picture.

Our mission is to create an incredible journey for you that minimizes abandonment, builds in switching costs, and reinvents your delivery of the digital customer experience. We will know we have succeeded when you realize:

  • Increased sales from cross-sell and upsell opportunities

  • Reduced cost with increased efficiency

  • Increased customer lifetime value

  • Seamless cross-channel experience

  • Location-based services

Get in touch with one of our CX journey mapping experts today, and let’s get started on meaningful transformations for differentiation and relevance, in this increasingly competitive landscape.

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