Design Sprints

Get from an idea on paper to prototype testing in 5 days! This is an accelerated methodology to quickly test concepts, visualize new products, features or redesign an aging application.

New bets can be expensive and there can be many risks involved with them. Design Sprints are a quick way to test an idea and test it with end-users early. They are also a good way to accelerate the design process using a collaborative approach with the critical stakeholders.

See your product come alive in record time and test your biggest hypothesis

Minimum savings on total project cost by validating an idea with customers and building the product right by avoiding rework fixing errors later

Cost savings by avoiding building a product that does not work well with the customer and ideas are rejected

Stakeholders are aligned by working together throughout the Design Sprint

Our Design Sprint Process



DAY 1: Workshop participants will hear about existing research, insights, and SME inputs on relevant topics. This helps in building a piece of shared knowledge about the problem space.



DAY 2: Participants consider widely different solutions, look at competitors, bring ideas, sketch together and have one another build upon other big ideas.



DAY 3: Leadership team will weigh in on ideas and pick a direction based on all the work that was generated the day before. That direction is then taken forward, and details are added to make it a more compelling idea.



DAY 4: Translate sketches and storyboards in a prototype. This is a production for designers and developers to put a convincing enough product together to test with end-users.



DAY 5: Five to six end-users will provide feedback on different topics that will either validate or invalidate the idea, so participants have a clear unbiased view of the usefulness of an idea.

Trianz’s has refined and perfected Design Sprints with 50+ workshops

Remote Facilitation

We can effectively innovate in a remote setup using online tools. We manage camera fatigue, active engagement, and participation from all.

Secure funding and business buy-in

90% of our concepts created with Design Sprints were used to successfully get funding and were prioritized on business roadmaps.

Rapid Prototyping

We use our libraries, and IP to create clickable prototypes in hi-fidelity at a very fast pace. Many users are surprised to find that prototypes are not in production.

Design Sprint tools


Adobe XD

MS PowerPoint



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