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Many product owners are aware of underlying problems with their applications. Anecdotal information is often not enough to get investment for modernizing or fixing problems with the application. With our research tools, we document all the points of failures, usability issues, pain points and provide recommendations to improve.

A well-performing application can suddenly start performing poorly as, technology, user behaviors, and expectations change with time. A hard look into all the aspects of an application can surface issues ranging from critical to minor that can support a business case for investing in upgrading the application. These issues can inform product backlog and sizing of effort needed to unlock new performance.

User needs to change all the time

When users have access to new technology and older ways of doing things feel outdated they feel frustrated. Additionally, the initial use case eventually reaches its limit and users want more. These are all moving targets and it's important to know how the current application is measuring up to expectations and modern standards.

Products become complex

Products often become hard to use when new features are organically added. Taking a step back and looking at everything often helps reassess the situation and re-simplify the user experience.

New problems are found other than known problems during diagnostics

Of disasters are avoided by doing an early user-centered product assessment

Value improves by 30% by taking in user inputs regularly

The chance that you will find a new business idea to expand your product portfolio

Our process


Understand the pain-points

Capture all known issues, complaints, non-performant metrics, customer support data and create a plan to run a diagnostic study


Find the root cause

Through customer research and user interviews, dig deeper around the journey and situations when issues came up. Then determine the cause through investing across people, process and data touchpoint


Remediation plan

Organize the issues by severity and impact to customer experience, complexity, and business impact. Build short term and long term plans to fix the issues



Often big insights will come out of the exercise that is disruptive to the existing practices and may require to pivot

Diagnosing product experiences are easy and affordable

Quick Heuristics

Our experts can come in and find all the commonly occurring issues that can be fixed easily by doing an application audit

Targeted Problem Areas

It’s not always necessary to look at the full application to improve the experience. Focus on some key aspects that can help improve

Spotting Opportunities

With our expert's keen eyes and ears, we can uncover business ideas that can help outgrow current product demand

We use simple and accessible tools


Optimal Workshop

Survey Monkey



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