E-Commerce Experience Design

Online buying behaviors are not just different from person to person. The same buyer persona who purchases similar goods displays very different behaviors and has unique needs from each digital experience. We understand buying behaviors and design with idiosyncrasies in mind.

Most businesses struggle to express the quality of their products online and end up looking like thousands of other sites. Giving a non-generic e-commerce experience is tough and full of risks. Thinking of differentiators along the entire customer journey from discovery, product analysis, buying, and use can help make online shopping refreshing and unique to your brand.

Launch new product lines

Going after new market segments is common practice for retail businesses. Often addressing new markets means a portfolio of new products that don’t fit in the current line-up and often become challenging to integrate into the menu, layouts, etc. We partner to take such challenges on and create technology to help build a scalable e-commerce platform.

Launch new services

Buy online and pickup in-store, curbside pickup, delivery, memberships, subscriptions, loyalty programs, try and buy, and credit card programs are complex services. With our expertise in building both front and the back-of-the-house digital infrastructure we can ensure you give the best experiences to your customers without disruption.

Simplify customization for users

Customizations and made-to-order experiences can often complicate the online buying experience. Especially when the SKUs grow faster than the ability to integrate them on digital channels. We can build alternative user-flows to minimize user choices, auto-fill, and time to complete desired products.

Time for e-commerce leaders to change their web experience & design

Average cart abandonment rate across all industries

Average e-commerce conversion rate

Bigger online basket size than in-person basket size due to COVID-19

Our process


Insights & competitive assessment

Research to understand users, gather data and customer insights to baseline current needs and behaviors. Know what has been tried in the market and what has not.


Explore and validate

Prioritize key problem statements and build a strategy on how to create compelling journeys and experiences. Build multiple concepts and test early with customers.


Design & develop

Our x-functional teamwork in tight agile cycles to create detailed designs and demo-ready code, every sprint, and push release as per scheduled cycles.


Launch & Support

Whether first-time launch or version update launch, we will get App Store-specific approvals and provide post-launch support and stabilization.

Our teams recommend

Scalable commerce platforms

Combine digital experience platforms, CMS, cart technology, POS, ERP, and order management systems to get the flexibility.

Personalization engine

Use micro tagging and marketing campaigns to align with customer cues to offer in-time recommendations.

End-end integration

Give transparency to customers by communicating order status, shipping status, refund status, etc., to build customer loyalty.

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