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Effective portals are a big component in enabling a high performing workforce. There are 4 characteristics to building a powerful portal; frequent publishing, transparency, clear navigation, and access to valuable resources within a few clicks or taps.

Distributed workforce with a blend of remote, office, and field employees are struggling to bond with colleagues in the post-COVID-19 era. Employee portals will play a critical role in internal communications, new policies, answering employee concerns, and keeping everyone safe.

Don’t accept stock intranet themes

With a focus on leadership communication, stakeholder needs, and modern design, we develop solutions that leverage the most advanced features of the underlying technology to give personalized, easy to find information and pleasing to work with portals that drive employees to keep up to date on corporate matters, complete administrative tasks and find timely information on demand.

Integrate with your IT systems

We can connect multiple business applications and processes like time management, expense management, benefits and IT requests in a central experience that allows employees to stay in one place and complete actions with a simple workflow without jumping to a different system of records that are often frustrating to use.

Measure task completion, not engagement

Often IT administrators are looking to show the value of intranets by measuring employee engagement though they should be measuring the efficacy of accessing information. Employees join companies to do what they love and should spend as little time on intranets as possible.

Of organizations say an increase in intranet adoption leads to higher compliance and content centralization

Of leaders believe intranets are key to building a high-performing workforce

Companies have publicly announced an option to work from home permanently

Of intranet admins have a hard time organizing new content and managing organic growth

Our design process


Map employee needs

Map different stakeholder needs like executives who want to publish and broadcast, managers who want to do administration, and employees who consume information.


Structure the content

Create content navigation and categories that reflect internal language and knowledge. Determine how many different types of page templates will be needed based on the use cases from different departments and administrators.



Create brand-specific and modern designs that leverage intranet platform features and customize capabilities.



Work with content authors to migrate information to a new designs and launch new portal to the workforce.

We work across all platforms

Mobile ready

Mobile ready intranets help employees take care of small things from anywhere at any time.

Custom front-end

A custom front-end can remove UX complexity present in most intranet platforms


Global teams want to read local news and information and ignore irrelevant broadcasting.

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