Enterprise Application Design

User-friendly enterprise apps can unlock the full potential of an organization and its workforce. Modern experiences and application design allows employees to focus on decision-making and solving complex problems rather than expending cycles trying to use clunky enterprise applications.

Poorly designed enterprise applications cause a lot of employee frustration and user errors that lead to business loss, expensive training, slower new hire on-boarding, operational inefficiencies, and under-utilized digital infrastructure. Additionally, off-the-shelf software solutions often do not accommodate custom features and requirements that make enterprise applications less desirable.

Uncomplicate enterprise apps

An average enterprise employee can use up to 5 business apps per week. With our expertise as an application service provider, we can build high-performance application that will work with existing enterprise licenses and, infrastructure whether on-prem, cloud, or hybrid.

Department-specific optimizations

Applications need to adapt to industry verticals, departments, regulations, protocols and take security measures to achieve compliance and high performance at the same time. Taking special care to make applications as intuitive as possible can help change, adapt and improve communication making, teams succeed faster.

Making enterprise apps is getting cheaper

Many organizations have realized the benefits of building specialty enterprise applications outweigh the cost benefits of paying for licenses for off-the-shelf generic products. When employees use branded and great user experiences, they deliver the same to customers and become brand evangelists outside of work as well.

Enterprise apps require some form of training

Of enterprise apps fail to engage users

Increase Employee Satisfaction scores after applications re-designs

Gain in productivity of employees after redesigning key, enterprise apps

Our process


Current State Mapping

Map different stakeholder needs, roles, business processes, user-flows, data, and pain points.



Ideate and leverage automation, AI-enabled features, and self-service models to re-imagine, end-to-end processes that minimize business overheads, and create simple user experiences.


Agile Design & Develop

Our x-functional teamwork, in tight agile cycles, to create detailed designs and work with internal stakeholders to get feedback to iterate and establish release cycles.


Launch & Support

Create demos, training material, and adoption plans. Knowledge transfer or use Trianz’s managed service team to keep the application fresh over its lifecycle.

From our enterprise app gurus

Managed Services

With 300+ apps in our managed services portfolio, we know upgrading apps is not convenient, which is leaving employees frustrated.


With advanced role-based user experience, employees don’t need to worry about extraneous content that makes them confused and keep focused.

Competitive edge

Many enterprises create intellectual property in enterprises app space to have a highly sophisticated business process that helps them stay ahead.

We know our platforms







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