Innovation Workshops (Remote)

Our affordable workshops are designed to tap into potential innovative ideas brimming inside your organization. Our facilitation techniques find and shape an early-stage concept that can be visualized and validated to get investment or stakeholder buy-in.

Shaping an abstract idea or a vision in a tangible form where its potential and value proposition are demonstrable can be a big hurdle to cross. Our innovation workshop will help big ambitions take form, define the right problems, to solve for determining jobs-to-be-done, and use prototyping to get end-user validation.

Frame as a hypothesis

A hypothesis-driven approach can set the right expectation, set stakeholders to have an open mind, and prepare for pivots during the workshop as new insights might come to light and define a finer aspect of an idea to determine feasibility, viability, and desirability. As enterprises are opening up to start-up culture and want to bring methods and techniques to inject innovation across their organization, these workshops can provide a safe environment for employees to feel comfortable with the notion of failing and embracing risk.

Minimal effort and investment

With minimal investment and low risk to the core business, innovation at the enterprise can grow in waves reaching higher fidelity given an idea can seed and incubate in a workshop then take roots afterward. With a clear strategy and schematics of an idea, winning investments and getting a team excited to work on an initiative will be a lot simpler. This workshop can suss out, tough questions early on and build responses to tackle skeptics, and set up a project for success.

Empirical thinking inside design thinking

Whether there is interest in exploring new technologies, executing on digital transformation initiatives, entering new markets, testing new industry verticals, or developing new products this workshop will start from the basics and help you get unstuck. It will break down the herculean task that sits in front of a pair of eyes starting small and building a clear plan to know where to head next.

Of employee-driven innovation are ignored by the leadership

Of 10,000 companies are on the brink of disruption

of revenue is captured by start-ups from incumbents

Increase in VC funding to pursue existing markets

Workshop process


Workshop planning

Select participants and schedule the workshop. Create agenda and plan for session activities



Setup remote tools, activities, engagement, and team to manage remote or onsite participants



Consolidate work generated during the workshop and package it for the next steps

Starting small is easy


The Cross-department collaboration will help seed and get support for an idea with the most potential that will create a shared value amongst all


Slight differences in opinions amongst teams can seem like big hurdles to overcome. Workshops allow all the cards to be in front of everyone


A valuable insight or an idea could be living inside an unheard voice and workshops are perfect to get those out in the light

Workshopping tools


MS PowerPoint



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