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Create powerful mobile B2B and B2C apps at low cost with easy-to-maintain code. and modern user experiences leveraging the latest platform capabilities.

Mobile apps are an essential part of digital transformation and enterprise modernization. It is a key solution to enable customers and distributed workforce. People in general now turn to browse, search, buy, chat, collaborate, update, read, reserve, or network on their phones first

Business users (B2B)

Businesses are looking for out-of-the-box mobile-first business applications that can empower their salesforce, field service teams, remote teams, and a lifestyle option for their employees.

We help B2B companies create white-label or enterprise-ready mobile apps available through private links or app stores.

Direct to Customers (B2C)

Mobile apps are expected to generate $200 billion in revenue in 2021. If you want to compete and claim your share of this multibillion-dollar channel, it’s essential to have a better understanding of exactly what people are expecting from your mobile apps.

Employees and partners (B2E)

With the work-from-home model becoming more mainstream in the pandemic-accelerated digital era, specialty internal mobile apps that support intranet and workday management tools, social networking, are growing in prevalence that is fine-tuned as per the company processes and culture.

A day people check their smartphone on average

Of all digital media, usage is on mobile apps

Spends 20% more time and engages with their most-used apps 30% more than the rest

Increase in mobile app downloads by 2022 from 2017

Mobile Apps design and development process


Map Mobile Needs

We identify how people behave when they are on the move and what they want. Competitive analysis tells us how we can differentiate and innovate.


Prototype and Test

We have workshops to explore solutions and create concepts to test with users to get early feedback and validate the need.


Agile Design & Develop

Our x-functional teamwork in tight agile cycles to create detailed designs and demo-ready code every 2-weeks and push releases as per scheduled cycles.


Launch & Support

First-time launch or version update launch, we will get App Store-specific approvals and provide post-launch support and stabilization.

Instantly get started with Trianz’s big mobile app design & dev community

Set trends

It is easy to follow flat-design or material-design trends. We will create brand amplifying visual design systems to set you apart


You will have access to all permissible metrics and data to capture preferences and engagement to give a personalized app experience

Secure and Comply

With users wanting more control over their data and privacy, we can optimize user experience for different levels of data sharing settings

We know our platforms

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