Build a shared view of your target audience between engineering, design, and product teams. Showcase various types of personalities; how they live, what they do, how they think, and what they want so you can build experiences that appeal to all.

Persona is a strategic business tool to become a customer-centric organization. They help everyone think from a customer perspective rather than personal opinions and beliefs. Three to four personas can easily reflect data collected from researching hundreds of users in an easy-to-understand format.

Build Empathy

Creators of any experience can get closer to their audience and almost begin to take themselves out of the equation and put themselves in their shoes. This mind shift helps creates a value-based experience. Products and services now connect with users at a deeper level making experiences feel intuitive and become sticky.

Achieve Alignment

Often a disconnect between developers, designers, and businesses about who the audience is and what they want consumes too much time. A persona is a baseline artifact about the target audience and can bring everyone back to the same page quickly.

Logically Prioritize

When higher value customer needs are met earlier, the business automatically benefits. Doing cost-benefit analysis becomes easier and takes some guessing risk out. While qualitative insights are often hard to value, they will become a consideration for prioritizing features, processes, functions, etc., which are needed to make an experience compelling.

Create User-Centered Culture

Framing ideas as something a persona would need eliminate personal opinions. Ideas then become less abstract and an innovative culture begins to evolve.

Return in KPIs when products are redesigned using a persona

Increase in web traffic after persona-based SEO

Increase in customer engagement after a content redesign based on persona

Increase in top-of-funnel inquiries after a persona-based campaign

Persona creation process


Demographic mapping

Create a list of research participant selection criteria that is diverse and inclusive across all incomes, backgrounds, ages, geographies, races, ethnicities, etc.


Planning and prepping

Recruit participants using a screener and schedule interviews for research. Create discussion guides and align research objectives with the key stakeholders.


Interviewing and Survey

Gather qualitative and quantitative insights using mixed-method research by talking with participants and groups.



Based on emerging patterns we will generate 3-5 personas that reflect the collective behaviors, attitudes, pain points, and desires of everyone researched.

Our design-thinking experts build personas that are an endless source of inspiration

Employee personas

We have interviewed employees across insurance, tech, manufacturing, and finance industries and know how to approach different work cultures.

Product Personas

Whether targeting Gen-Z, or Baby Boomers, we have a sense of their perspective on digital technologies. We can help you dig deeper to build habit-changing or form products.

Marketing Personas

More and more personas are exhibiting thin patience when qualifying a website for their use. We can help create personas that reach their heart and make them engage.

Persona creation tools


Survey Monkey

MS PowerPoint



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