Service Design

When a service exceeds customer or employee expectations it makes them a brand promoter. Such services are created when back-end operations, front-line teams, and digital touchpoints work seamlessly with one another.

Service design simplifies customer interactions by untangling complex business processes. Using this tool, organizations can launch the following services successfully:

  • subscription models

  • customer & IT support

  • loyalty & rewards programs, or

  • gamified platforms

Financial Services

We have worked with credit cards, retail banking, commercial banking, and investment companies to bring services that help people hassle-free.

Processing, qualifying, issuing, accounting, fraud detection, awards, points, and transactions are complex, but they don’t have to be for those using the services.

Retail & Travel Services

The proliferation of digital services especially, powered by app economy with ride-share, delivery, social media, travel, and e-comm has raised the bar for customer service. Customers want to get to things fast at any time from anywhere. We partner with high-touch brands or self-service brands to design exceptional services enabled by accessible digital touchpoints.

Enterprise Services

In large companies, internal services are very common to support multiple business functions. Our experience creating B2B or internal service platforms has made us trusted partners who create services that employees love to use. Whether developing a learning or knowledge management system, IT support, or resource planning tools — we have applied our service mindset to remove unnecessary processes to achieve maximum business efficiency.

Less time has taken to complete service requests after implementing self-service portals

Cut down on processing fees for customers after fixing service issues

Savings in operations costs can be achieved

Increase in customer retention

Our Service Design process


Identify people, processes and systems

We talk with stakeholders, SMEs, system admins, and call center associates involved with engaging the end-user. We will look at product and customer support analytics and gather data to understand the nature of service requests.


Interview end-users

We will speak with end-users regardless of whether they are internal employees, partners, or customers and learn from their experience while engaging with your services.


Service innovation and ideation

Based on business objectives, we will use end-user insight, to determine how to engage customers at a deeper level that will motivate them to use services effectively.


Re-imagine service design blueprint

Based on ideations, new technologies, best practices, automation & process re-design we, will design a new service model that will leave the customers happy and long-term brand loyalists.

Our design strategist love Service Design more than any other strategy tool


Internal business processes get messy as organizations scale. Our strategists comb through the knots and string a clean customer-centric service plan.

Content is key

In our experience, it all comes down to having resources at the right time for the right use-cases. Mapping and creating this content is an easy win.

Turn grievances into celebrations

Customers appreciate when companies proactively correct errors and reward the customer for the inconvenience. We can help you get there.

Service Design tools


Adobe XD

MS PowerPoint



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