User Research and Insights

Build empathy for end customers and practice user-centered design by leveraging insights-driven innovation. Get clarity and a better understanding of the problem space before jumping to solutions and missing the mark.

Businesses need to understand where customers are struggling and discover new growth opportunities. Upturn all the stones to get a breadth and depth of pain points while understanding the root cause. Use users’ motivations to grow successful digital portfolios and products.

Any Research is Better Than No Research

Any primary research is better than no research, but we have also learned that poorly done research can be as harmful. Having a researcher that customers can be candid with can unveil previously unknown opportunities. We have a strong participant recruiting process to cover diverse perspectives and a flexible approach allowing open-ended discussions to uncover unplanned insights.

Remote Research

Our remote research capability can help overcome some work from home challenges due to COVID-19. Facilitating online research, creating virtual research boards, digital white-boarding and cloud storage will help both our teams be always connected and have critical discussions.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research compliments any quantitative research from surveys, usage data, site metrics and other sources. It’s often hard to understand the why behind customers' decisions, opinions and perceptions but, once these are understood designs can leverage these user behaviors to create compelling digital experiences.

Balancing Exploration and Evaluation

Our mixed-method research can be shaped to either do green-field exploration or target a known symptom in a digital experience. These investigative mindsets will yield the right recommendations that business, product, engineering, and design teams can use to innovate. We believe in actionable research deliverables, insights that will help with backlog prioritization, list innovation opportunities valuable for business and a story to build empathy between the organization and their customers.

Task success rates on websites designed after user research across the internet

Increase in business metrics after implementing changes grounded in users insights

Of project cost on average is allocated for user research at most innovative companies.

The Higher conversion rate on redesigns after user research

Our research process


Set Research Goals

We will gather objectives, define high-level research goals, map key unknown areas and the biggest areas of curiosity for the business. Also, we will factor in any existing research or data points to determine blind spots or the need for root cause analysis.


Recruit and plan

Build a spread of demographic study and set a screener to recruit well-qualified participants. While screening, scheduling, and recruiting run in parallel, we will create study questionnaires. Collaboration with key stakeholders will refine questionnaires and craft non-leading questions that probe the participants in the areas of interest.


Conduct interviews

Use guided and unguided structures to facilitate the research in 1:1 or group settings. After a first few research sessions, we will tweak the research if needed to ask further pointed questions.


Synthesize and report

Map all the research in themes and categories to create a top-line report. This report will include pain points, opportunities, and suggestions on how to improve or proceed forward.

Trianz has deep research expertise

100+ interviews

We have spoken to users across all demographics across NA, APAC, EMEA, and LATAM

End-end design

Research is just our starting point. We take the research to help you build products that reflect learnings from research and push the envelope based on learnings

Proprietary research platform

We invested in creating our own survey tool to capture free-flowing inputs, ratings, scales, and comparisons called Trasers

User Research Tools


Optimal Workshop

Survey Monkey



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