At Trianz, we believe that customer experience should be at the heart of every digital transformation journey. We created Digital Studios team to help companies embrace this mindset in all their digital initiatives. We want our clients to achieve their unique vision of digital transformation by adding value at the intersection of people, processes, data and technology - it is precisely at this junction that the customer experience is formed.

By focusing on partnership, collaboration and co-creation, our digital studio experts and strategy specialists work together to tap into the collective stakeholder consciousness and determine what the ideal customer experience looks like.

The initial strategic process comprises three phases:

  • Service Transformation Strategy:During this phase, our experts work with your teams to reimagine services and value to your customers, shape buyer journey maps and conceptualize technology platforms for service delivery.

  • Customer Experience Transformation Strategy:This is where mapping and conceptualization of customer experience occur—from prospecting to purchase to usage to the renewal of relationships.

  • Internal Experience Transformation Strategy:This exercise entails thinking of employees as internal customers to reimagine business processes that will deliver unique experiences to them. If your employees’ experience isn’t exceptional, how can they deliver an exceptional experience to your customers?

Beyond strategy, Trianz Digital Studio delivers value along a spectrum of engagement types - Experience Design, UI development, Engineering and Managed Services relationship. Along the journey, we have dedicated support staff specialized in every aspect of digital strategy, creation and technology.

If you are looking for support in any of the below services, contact our Digital Studios team to get the ball rolling:

  • Stakeholder Research

  • Digital Roadmap

  • Enterprise Experience Standardization

  • Digital Technology Strategy

  • Customer Experience

  • Partner Experience

  • Design Thinking

  • Design Sprints

  • Stakeholder Persona Research

  • Stakeholder Journey Mapping

  • UX / UI Design

  • Customer Support Experience

  • Web Apps & Portals

  • Mobile Apps

  • eCommerce

  • Field Enablement

  • Content Management Systems

  • Enterprise Integration

  • Apps Management

  • Digital Presence

  • Sales Ops Digitalization

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