What does Digital Transformation mean to successful CIOs?

Over 40% of digital transformations across industries are now led by CIOs - but less than 7% of these transformations are really successful. So, what does transformation really mean to successful CIOs? Information Technology leaders who get things done view technology as a vehicle for delivering business outcomes. They approach transformations by understanding what it means specifically to each component of the business and leverage core technology disciplines in an intertwined way, not silos, to deliver these outcomes.

Leverage core technology disciplines to deliver business impact

Digital Transformation

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quoteDigital Transformation is reimagination of the external or internal product or services portfolio of every function and the reinvention of its value chain into a stakeholder experience chain.quote

Welcome to the age of the Business Information Officer (BIO)

The lines between business and technology will blur rapidly over the next 3-5 years. Business leaders will increasingly be asked to cross-over and take on IT leadership roles and vice-versa, CIOs with a strong business orientation will be asked to lead business transformation.

Successful IT leaders approach their role with the mindset of a business leader who deeply understands technology rather than the other way around. They view their role as that of an orchestrator, an enabler, a monitor and a tracker of business outcomes. Here’s the mental map of the new breed of Business Information Officers.

What a Business Information Officer (BIO) Drives


Business-technology Strategy

Enterprise IT strategy, organization and prioritization are well-defined and communicated in the context of digital transformations as defined by the business.


Outcome-based Investments

Well-defined investment objectives that support sizable digital innovation and efficiencies over routine IT maintenance. Leading CIOs rely on enterprise analytics and KPIs to help set the agenda for transformation.

Business-IT Execution Partnership

Business-IT Execution Partnership

A business-defined strategy or program management with IT selecting and implementing new technologies and playing the role of implementer.

Digital Technology Disciplines

Digital Technology Disciplines – Not Departments

Innovative CIOs view Digital, Analytics, Cloud, Security or their sub-categories as disciplines for delivering holistic solutions. Their organisational structures are adapting to better partner and execute with their business clients.

Standardization & Decentralization

Standardization & Decentralization

Leading CIOs are standardizing tech-stacks, engineering, cloud services and support models wild empowering individual units/teams in the execution of transformation initiatives.



Operations elevate from labor-intensive passive monitoring and technical support to lean, AIOps driven predictive “business-as-a-service” models that deliver better service while freeing-up capital for growth investments.

Use the Power of Data to Transform: Leverage our Research and 1.5 million Datapoints

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, (short for Trianz Research) which has collected data on digital transformations from business and IT leaders across 5,000 plus companies of all revenue segments from 20 industries. We understand how businesses are evolving based on the Digital IQ of leaders, relevance of portfolios, business model & process digitalization, use of cloud, cybersecurity and modern organizational cultures. Our approach is business outcome oriented and data-driven.

Digital Enterprise Evolution Model™

HR Evolution Curve

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Our data tells us that only 7% of IT organizations worldwide are successful producing results- which is why we call them Digital Champions. We help IT clients leverage best practices of successful organizations, understand transformation from a business standpoint, partner effectively and focus on their expertise- which is to select and implement technology and deliver business outcomes.


quoteWe have been rated #1 by our clients in delivering measurable business impact from digital transformation initiatives and predictability in execution- 4 years in a row.quote

From Strategy through Results - Our Technology Services

We have the unique ability to partner with clients in strategy development using a data-driven approach; to technology selection; implementation and provide managed services. In each of the above digital technologies, we provide the following services

Service Level Agreement

Benchmarking & Strategy Development

Improved Reliability for Business

Architecture & Technology Selection

End Point Security

Technology Implementation

Managed Services Implementation

Managed Services

At the end of the day, we measure the success of our engagements with the most important metric and that is the results we produce for our clients.

Transform to a business-oriented approach - Apply the digital principles of highly Successful Leaders

Our data shows that the single biggest differentiating factor in the 7% of companies that are succeeding in digital transformation is leadership. After studying digital leadership through data, experiences and numerous interviews, our CEO- Sri Manchala, shares his perspectives on what sets successful leaders apart through a book- Crossing the Digital Faultline.

The most fundamental challenge for IT leaders is understanding what your business clients are struggling with, what transformation means from a business perspective and where it is headed.

With the metaphor of a massive earthquake and devoid of jargon and complicated language, Crossing the Digital Faultline helps IT leaders at all levels understand the following:

  • The forces driving change beneath digital disruption

  • The 10 Rules that will govern transformations

  • The persona and methods of highly successful leaders

Finally, Crossing the Digital Faultline helps readers absorb and undertake a personal transformation with the help of an easy to use playbook.

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