Success is relative - to the health of the market, to your own definitions, to the strides made by your competition. Relative or not, if you’re failing to quantify your success in real and comparative terms, there is little chance of accomplishing your digital transformation journey.

One way of quantifying success is through digital maturity benchmarking. This entails an in-depth and objective evaluation of your current use of best practices. The end goal is to gauge the gap between where you are and where you need to be in terms of digital effectiveness.

Data is the key here -so, what do our 1.5 million data points tell us? Only 7% of companies succeed in their digital transformation initiatives. More importantly, they tell us why this is the case. If the 7% statistic scares you, then you are failing to see the opportunity here. At Trianz, we are providing companies with a chance to leverage the support of our Digital Benchmarking team to ensure they do not go down the same dead-end roads as many others. You can exploit our benchmarking data to make definitive decisions on where to begin, how to prioritize and how to execute. Trust us: the data path beats trial and error any day.

Our model is a mirror on the wall

After researching 5,000+ companies across 18 industries, Trianz has co-developed a model called the “Digital Enterprise Evolution Model” to measure where companies are on the digital continuum - —and how they evolved before they became successful. Successful leaders know their current maturity against peers within the industry and at a global level.

Why benchmark?

Digital Maturity benchmarking reveals two very important dimensions of your business, your IT function, or the enterprise:

  1. its absolute position on the digital continuum

  2. its relative position against competitors and peers

Digital Maturity Benchmarking brings clarity to what transformations are all about and powers a data-driven vision, strategy and priorities to put you ahead of the competition.

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