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Re-architecture of AWS Environment, Build infrastructure as a code, Implementation of security controls & Infrastructure Managed services

ServiceMax is one of the world’s leading providers of field service management software for equipment manufacturers and service providers. ServiceMax’s AWS Cloud-based SaaS solution processes more than a million work orders per month, scheduling more than 300,000 technicians worldwide and managing 150 million customer devices. Trianz was selected to re-architect and manage ServiceMax’s existing AWS environment to achieve higher levels of performance, security and availability.


Trianz adopted the following phased implementation approach:

  • The existing AWS implementation was not meeting customer requirements with respect to performance, scalability, and security measures.


  • AWS Services: Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, AWS WAF, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Shield, AWS IAM, AWS Security Hub, Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 autoscaling, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon s3, Amazon EBS, Amazon Route53, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda
  • 3rd party Apps: Sumologic, Qualys, Pritunl VPN, Wazuh, AVI, Suricata, and Splunk
  • Other tools: Terraform, Python, GitHub, and Jenkins


  • Re-designed the infrastructure with AWS best practices including 'Infrastructure as Code'
  • Developed Terraform modules to deploy the entire infrastructure, making it scalable and flexible.
  • Introduced hub-spoke architecture and multizone deployments for increased resilience
  • Security best practices introduced considering boundary defense, CIS hardening, endpoint security, credential management, MFA, monitoring, auditing, logging, certificate and key management, and vulnerability management.

The client was seeking a partner to explore the use of a cloud platform as a key strategy to address infrastructure growth needs and in the given context, has initiated evaluation of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform. Trianz engaged with the client to help explore the possibilities of executing a time bound, object-oriented, proof-of-concept based deployment on AWS.


  • Better performance with improved efficiency
  • Highly available environment within a given region
  • Optimized costs, improved SLAs, alongside achieving customer security requirements
  • Security acceptance for product go-live
  • Easy to redeploy environments using infrastructure-as-a-code for CI/CD as well as Disaster Recovery