Data Monetization Market Opportunity Analysis and Proof-of-Value

One of the world’s largest global shipping companies intended to identify new revenue opportunities to monetize its data and to build other related business intelligence products for different industries.

Business Challenge

  • Client needed to quickly vet the concepts across many different dimensions of risk, legal and competitive barriers, data availability, and delivery options while considering the cultural and political appetite to adopt. The end-goal was to perform a rigorous analysis that would determine concepts and drive a sustainable and significant financial return to the company, far above the investment required to implement.

Technology Components

  • Oracle, Tableau, MS SQL Server and Hadoop

The Approach

  • Trianz consulting team worked closely with the client’s marketing innovation group, legal department and all areas of IT and business to execute a full market opportunity analysis and proof-of-value exercise.

  • The engagement entailed performing an overall market analysis to determine the potential monetary value, opportunities, competitive landscape and barriers to entry. This involved analyzing the options to deliver an intelligent data product to the market – by capability, segments, channels and geographies while assessing costs, risks and potential monetary return of each option.

  • Developed prototypes of selected concepts and performed in-depth primary and secondary research to validate the viability, feasibility and desirability of each; and presented final consolidated findings, recommendations and a roadmap of implementation options to the management.

Transformational Effects

  • Identified a wide variety of monetization opportunities including complementary and new business revenue streams across the medical, online purchasing, B2B commerce and distribution center services industries.

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