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IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which all the digital services run. To manage this infrastructure, you need a comprehensive monitoring toolset and configuration know-how. With a well-managed IT infrastructure, your digital services will experience high uptimes and responsive performance, improving both customer and employee satisfaction. On the contrary, infrastructure mismanagement can lead to service outages, inconsistent digital service performance and even data breaches in a worst-case scenario.

Infrastructure – your digital foundation

Regardless of whether you are running on-premises or in the cloud, IT infrastructure is an integral part of any digital enterprise. Businesses need to maintain visibility into the status of their network, and any problems that arise should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Often, this is not the case in real life, especially with the complex heterogeneous cloud infrastructure deployments that are so common today.

A proper infrastructure strategy can remedy these problems by incorporating robust monitoring, analytics, and remediation tools into your infrastructure arsenal:

  • Unified, holistic infrastructure overviews can help you keep track of complex heterogeneous IT infrastructures, all from a centralized management dashboard.

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics will identify problems instantly and offer the information needed to remediate the issue. With proper configuration, you can even automate remediation using AI and machine learning, within your designated operating parameters.

  • Scalable, adaptable cloud infrastructure allows your computing resources to grow alongside business demand, ensuring that service delivery quality and uptimes are maintained.

Our expertise

Our infrastructure strategy team can curate a tailored infrastructure strategy suited to your business model, enabling you to leverage the power of holistic infrastructure management platforms. We hold certifications across all major cloud platforms as well as managed service provider (MSP) status for both, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

We have also partnered with the industry-leading ServiceNow platform, which offers centralized IT operations management to streamline administrative workloads.

With our proprietary platform, Concierto.Cloud, you can easily manage heterogeneous infrastructure deployments, all from a central management dashboard.

Our close partnership with leading cloud hosting providers and infrastructure management tool providers demonstrates our passion for helping clients to deliver seamless digital experiences to users.

Ongoing infrastructure support

As your business grows and your computational requirements change, we can offer continuing support and guidance to maintain your peak IT performance.

For those undergoing a major IT Infrastructure migration, a shift in the platform means you may lack the expertise to manage your infrastructure in the long-term. We can fill in the knowledge gaps during implementation and provide you with all the necessary information to understand your new infrastructure deployment.

Complex infrastructure, simple management

With numerous platform certifications and an arsenal of ITOM tools at hand, our infrastructure strategy team is well-equipped to help manage your infrastructure. We offer a range of infrastructure strategy services, including:

  • API management – With complex heterogeneous IT infrastructure, integration APIs are vital for reducing the complexity of infrastructure management. Through these APIs, we can perform continuous infrastructure monitoring for optimal service uptime.

  • Infrastructure analytics – Custom analytics dashboards offer a 360-degree holistic view of your IT infrastructure in real-time to help you align operations with the existing service level agreements (SLAs) and achieve service level objectives (SLOs).

  • Hybrid cloud ITSM – IT service management (ITSM) with heterogeneous infrastructures like the hybrid cloud can be difficult. Our infrastructure strategy consultants can help you build a solution that offers the best of on-premises and cloud infrastructure with seamless integrations using management APIs.

  • Automation, dashboarding, and monitoring – A proactive infrastructure strategy can do wonders for service uptimes and system stability. We use advanced artificial intelligence to automate low to mid-level workloads for problem remediation and service failovers.

  • Infrastructure managed services – If you want to hand the complex management of your IT infrastructure to a third party, then consider our infrastructure managed service. Our consultants are available 24x7x365 to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot your infrastructure.

Transform your infrastructure strategy with Trianz

With the prevalence of cloud infrastructure, and many businesses still running legacy on-premises hardware, infrastructure management is becoming more complex. We aim to minimize technology-related frustration, offering first- and third-party infrastructure management platforms to simplify your IT workloads.

Our consultants can step in at any point in your digital transformation, offering expert guidance and industry-leading infrastructure development services for the enterprise of any size. Schedule a free consultation with our infrastructure experts today.

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