TCO calculator for Cognos to Power BI report migration

  • Effort (hours) to migrate reports from Cognos to Power BI

  • Cost of migrating reports

  • License Cost (Monthly/ Annual)

  • Compute Cost (Daily, Monthly and Annual)

  • Cost of ongoing maintenance


TCO calculator for AZURE

  • Azure HDInsights

  • Hortonworks Data Cloud (HDC)

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with Temporary Storage

  • HDP with Managed Disk Storage

  • These cost models for cloud-based deployments can be compared with known TCO for on-premises Hadoop and Analytic databases



  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator compares the total first year cost to own and operate a data lake environment for the different Hadoop-based deployment models on Azure Cloud Platform

  • Excel-based tool | Reusable across use cases

  • This Azure TCO calculator can be used in client discussions to inform clients about the cost involved in moving to the cloud basis their requirements.


  • Flexibility to pick-and-choose services based on custom reference or solution architecture.

  • Arrive at a high approximation within minutes

  • Be able to compare with other benchmark options

  • Provides all cost metrics for senior management to make accurate decisions

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Our collaboration with Trianz has been exceptional with conspicuous benefits. The platform now effectively manages customer reference data, while addressing data accuracy and quality issues.


Large Insurance Company

Trianz has not only helped us reap manifold business benefits, but has also bolstered our relationship with our customers. Ongoing support is a bonus!


Property And Casualty Insurance Major

Our partnership with Trianz has proved to be an astute decision. From designing and developing a solution to migrate volumes of historical data to creating anauditable, unified, scalable platform, Trianz has consistently demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Director of Information & Data Management

Large Property And Casualty Insurance Company In US

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