7 Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Managed Services

Thinking about partnering with a cloud management services company? Not sure if cloud consulting is right for your business? Here are seven common questions about cloud managed services and the answers you’ll need to plan your next steps.

Are managed cloud services affordable?

Yes! In fact, managed cloud services are often less expensive than on-premises solutions. After all, maintaining network infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming, and many businesses can’t afford the IT staff required to keep everything running smoothly. By outsourcing to cloud and managed IT services, businesses no longer have to shoulder costly maintenance burdens and can instead devote their resources elsewhere. Not only that, but with subscription-based billing, companies enjoy more predictable monthly costs and only pay for what they use. No more guesswork or costly waste.

How reliable are cloud managed services?

Extremely reliable. Providers of cloud managed services monitor their clients’ networks day and night and resolve any issues that come up. In fact, many service providers guarantee 99% uptime, enabling businesses to stay up and running 24/7. With virtually no network downtime, your company can be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

How scalable are cloud management services?

Very scalable. With managed cloud consulting services, you can scale resources down during slow periods, or up as demand grows. This means your business will always have the resources it needs to operate smoothly and efficiently. No more getting saddled with equipment you don’t need or rushing to find resources during unexpected busy periods.

What happens in the event of a disaster?

Whether it’s a severe storm or an act of cyberterrorism, disaster could strike when you least expect it. Is your business prepared for the worst at all times? Managed cloud services can help give you peace of mind with a comprehensive solution that backs up your operating systems, files, applications, and more. Why risk losing everything when disaster recovery as a service can stop it?

Are managed cloud services secure?

Speaking of disasters, many businesses worry their data will be lost or compromised when moving to the cloud. Though the risks are real, companies that leverage managed cloud consulting services and perform their due diligence have little to fear. Enterprise platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have built-in features that neutralize cybersecurity threats. Additionally, cloud managed service providers follow industry best practices to ensure their clients’ data and applications remain safe and secure.

Will my business have the support it needs?

Technology changes at a rapid pace and keeping up with it all can be a challenge. Businesses that don’t rely on the skill and expertise of managed cloud services providers are at a disadvantage. Why? Because they’re forced to spend precious time and money training their IT staff on ever-changing technology. Those with a cloud managed services partner, however, will always have a team of skilled, trained technicians at their disposal.

What should I look for in a cloud managed services provider?

Many providers have cloud managed services offerings, but not all providers are equal. That’s why it’s important to consider your long-term goals and carefully weigh your options before choosing a partner. Some questions to consider include: What are the provider’s competencies? Do they support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments? Who do they partner with? How, concretely, can they help your company save money and operate more efficiently? What is their onboarding process? What about offboarding?

Thousands of businesses around the world rely on cloud and managed IT services to cut costs, save time, and operate more efficiently. Leverage cloud managed services offerings from a reputable provider to become the next cloud success story.

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