Best Practices: The 5 Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Every IT professional who works with AWS should familiarize themselves with the 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. They are: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

As a certified AWS solutions provider and AWS cloud consulting company, Trianz can implement best practices according to these pillars with outstanding results. In this article, we shall provide a checklist of these components critical to your cloud computing infrastructure. Creating a product or service is much like constructing a building: without a strong foundation, everything else will crumble to the ground. Trianz promotes a “Cloud First” approach that leverage the ideals of an AWS Well-Architected Framework to provide you a with a safe and sound business model. The following should elucidate the best practices we set in place for our clients:

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence includes two important aspects: continuously monitoring and improving all processes and procedures in place to produce a better and better product or service. As a Partner of Choice with AWS and Salesforce, Our Cloud Analytics Consulting professionals will utilize analytic tools on these platforms to provide real-time feedback on your day-to-day operations. Consequently, small and reversible changes can be made, failures can be anticipated, operations refined, and all incidents become an opportunity to learn and grow.


A major part of your daily operations includes offering business value with minimal risk to systems, assets, or information. As such, threat mitigation is an ongoing effort.

You are not only protecting your company’s private information, but that of your clients and customers. Our Trianz cloud security experts will implement a broad yet comprehensive approach that cares for data governance, compliance, traceability, security automation, and threat detection/mitigation. Also, you can rest assured that on the physical level, AWS secures the infrastructures that support your cloud services so that you can focus on accomplishing your goals.


Reliability all comes down to a system’s ability to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, allocate computing resources on demand, and ameliorate service disruptions or failures as soon as possible.

Trianz prides itself on automation tasks and applications that “talk” to each other, providing the lowest amount of downtime and overheard costs possible. Recovery procedures in place are tested, monitored, automated, scalable, and predictive with use of real-time dashboard intelligence.

With AWS, most of these foundational requirements are already incorporated or may be addressed as needed. The cloud is designed to be essentially limitless, so it is the responsibility of AWS to satisfy the requirement for sufficient networking and compute capacity, while you are free to change resource size and allocation—such as the size of storage devices—on demand.

Performance Efficiency

Like design principles in line with reliability, performance efficiency is also scalable, monitored, and predictive with efficient use of computing resources to meet system requirements. As needs change, under our management, AWS can be altered to adapt to fluxes in project outcomes and requirements. What more, as cloud technology is an ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-disruptive field, our team can ensure you will not be left in the dust when it comes to incorporating new technologies.

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization with AWS is simple, and we are experts at not sacrificing quality for subpar tools and practices. Every penny counts, but so do your long-term goals and daily operations. Trianz with AWS has the expertise to avoid or eliminate unneeded costs while considering all important tradeoffs to consider in the matter. Optimizing for network speed comes at a cost, but is it worth it? Design decisions are sometimes guided by haste as opposed to empirical data, as companies often overcompensate. At Trianz, we will benchmark various business processes to find the best approach cost-wise moving forward.

If you were not already familiar with the 5 pillars of AWS well-architected framework, we certainly hope you are now. Why not take the next step in embracing these best practices by contacting a Trianz expert today?

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