IT Infrastructure Management Services : An Overview

Your IT infrastructure is the platform on which all your technical services are built. Taking steps to make sure this is managed properly is critical for ensuring a stable environment for all your other digital services. Managing your own IT infrastructure is a time-consuming and costly process. In almost all cases—even with the added expense of hiring out—the level of services your company achieves will be higher when you opt to work with an experienced infrastructure management consultant.

Trianz has helped companies large and small develop the IT infrastructure systems they need for success. We will work with your technical teams, management, and operations leaders to determine what it is you need and how it can be best achieved.

But first, an overview of the different IT infrastructure options:

When it comes to IT infrastructure for businesses today, there are three main options available. Understanding what these options are will help you to determine which one is ideally suited for your business.

  • Onsite Managed Infrastructure – This is the traditional method, where all the IT hardware is housed onsite in a local data center. In the past, this was the only option available, and it required each company to have their own systems in place and supported.

  • Hybrid IT Infrastructure – A hybrid system allows you to keep certain key systems in-house, while moving the bulk of your infrastructure to the cloud. A hybrid system can either be used while transition to a full cloud environment, or as a permanent way to manage your IT services.

  • Cloud Infrastructure – Transitioning all IT infrastructure to the cloud is increasingly becoming the standard that businesses are following. This eliminates any need to manage the physical hardware locally. Instead, IT employees can work on productive and innovative products that will help push the company to the next level.

Partnering with IT Infrastructure Services Companies

Bringing on experienced consultants to help with the infrastructure management is an excellent investment. Trianz, for example, can manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure no matter what type of solution you are using. Our consultants can even help you decide which type of infrastructure solutions will work best for your situation.

We have helped thousands of companies offload the workload associated with managing hardware, networking, and other infrastructure requirements. We specialize both in companies that are looking to transition to either a hybrid or cloud infrastructure system, or those who are already using these advanced technologies. Your business will enjoy many significant benefits when you take advantage of our IT infrastructure management services, including the following:

  • Vendor Agnostic – We are authorized specialists with all the top infrastructure brands so you can get the exact environment you need. We regularly work with major names like EMC (Dell), AWS, Azure, Adobe, and many others. No matter what type of system you need, we will help you choose the right vendor solution and get it set up quickly and without a hitch.

  • Real-Time Analytics – You can keep track of every aspect of your infrastructure environment using our real-time monitoring and analytics solutions. This will help you plan for future growth needs and optimize existing environments to get the most value for your infrastructure budget.

  • Burstable Growth for Urgent Needs – For many businesses, one of the most important benefits is having access to burstable hardware expansion. This means having the ability to stand up new hardware almost instantly or add resources to existing hardware, to accommodate sudden increases in system load.

  • Virtual Staging Environments – We can set up staging environments that mimic the production environment so that accurate testing can be performed. This will help minimize the risk of outages associated with upgrades or other changes.

  • Eliminate Hardware Management – In traditional onsite datacenter environments, IT staff spends a huge portion of their time just “putting out fires.” This can include replacing drives, installing new hardware, running wires, and other burdensome tasks. When you work with Trianz, your teams will be relieved of these types of menial operations so they can be free to perform the value-driven tasks they were hired for.

  • Following ITIL Standards – The ITIL standards are used around the globe for IT infrastructure management, dealing with incidents, and much more. We are ITIL-certified professionals who can help you take advantage of the many benefits offered by this proven system.

Planning for the Future Today

The IT industry continues to advance at incredible speeds. Companies that fail to engage in continuous improvement strategies will find they are quickly being left behind. For most companies, moving their IT infrastructure to cloud environments is an important step that will help keep them ahead of the curve.

Our consultants can work with you to decide how a transition should be handled, and what you can expect throughout the process. If your business is already operating in the cloud, we can help you plan for what infrastructure systems will be needed in the years to come. When we partner with a business, we work 24/7/365 to make sure their IT infrastructure platform is providing the stable structure needed to power all your digital services.

Contact us to set up a meeting with an ITIL certified consultant to discuss the needs your business has today, as well as what you can look forward to in terms of technical advancements in the years to come.

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