IT Service Management : An Overview

IT Service Management (ITSM) offers significant benefits to businesses by establishing policies, processes, and procedures to support the IT services used throughout the company. This helps ensure the IT infrastructure, applications, software development, and other systems are focused on meeting business (and customer) needs. Working with an ITSM consultant from Trianz will provide you with the experience and expertise needed to ensure your policies, processes, and procedures are set up properly from the start.

Policies | Processes | Procedures

At its heart, an effective IT service management program in place will be successful because of the way activities are structured. All actions that are taken by IT engineers and support technicians will be directed by a clear set of policies. These policies are then organized and governed by specific processes and procedures. Once in place, they will help to design and deliver all digital services offered to customers across the organization.

Creating these policies, processes, and procedures needs to be done in such a way that they are a benefit to the teams—not an unreasonable obstacle. They must also be crafted with the goals of the entire business in mind.

Consulting with leadership throughout the organization

When implementing an ITSM program it is critical that teams throughout the organization are involved in the process. One of the biggest advantages to a company adopting ITSM is that it helps to keep the IT organization focused on the specific needs of the rest of the organization. This open line of communication between IT and the business also allows IT to drive change throughout the organization.

As an IT service management company, Trianz knows how to bring both technical and non-technical teams together and find effective solutions. Our consultants “speak both technical and business” languages to help bring everyone together on the same page. With the IT teams taking the lead in driving changes, the entire organization will benefit in many ways:

  • Showing Business the Possibilities – Most IT teams don’t know what is possible, so they don’t know what type of features to ask for. When IT initiates the conversation, we can offer information about the technologies available, so that business can request the features they need.

  • Real-Time Collaboration – Establishing processes for communication between IT teams, and between IT and business leaders, helps facilitate real-time collaboration throughout the organization.

  • Setting Expectations – When using ITSM, specific policies and processes are in place to govern how things are done. This helps to set expectations throughout the organization. When business leaders need something from IT, they will understand the processes they need to go through to have their requests reviewed and approved.

  • Avoiding Outages – The processes and procedures that are put in place with ITSM can help to dramatically reduce the number of outages caused by improperly planned, tested, or implemented changes. Creating this stable environment allows IT engineers to remain focused on feature improvement and gives the business confidence that their digital services will be available when needed.

  • Improved Agility & Innovation – By putting processes around all activity performed by the IT teams, things are able to be completed more quickly. This improved agility and innovation helps keep the company ahead of the competition.

Each of these benefits, and many more, are made possible by open and clear communication between IT and the rest of the organization. Trianz consultants will be there to help facilitate this communication. We have the experience to cut through the politics and help ensure that teams can work together toward the goal of meeting customer demands.

Adopting ITIL Standards

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the global standard for ITSM operations including incident management, change management, configuration management, service requests, and more. Each of these systems will typically be performed by one set of tools that is used to track, manage, and monitor all actions being performed throughout the IT organization.

Once implemented, the ITIL tools will become a key part of managing the entire IT infrastructure environment. All problems as well as feature requests will be located in one place so the IT teams can take action where needed and assign resources to accomplish goals.

Benefit from Trianz Experience

Trianz has been helping companies with their IT service management for over 15 years. During this time, we have performed over 150 enterprise implementations that have dramatically transformed the ITSM environments of those businesses. When you work with us, you will be assigned an ITIL certified consultant who can provide guidance, expertise, and experience in implementing ITSM successfully. Whether you are starting a new ITSM initiative from scratch, or you are looking to improve on an existing effort, we will be there for you every step of the way.

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