Microsoft Azure’s flexible cloud platform helps businesses efficiently grow and respond to change. It enables companies to quickly deploy and manage apps across global datacenters, using any language, tool, or framework, and integrate with existing IT assets.

With Azure, companies can rapidly launch new products and scale operations, while only paying for the compute and storage resources they use. And it offers solutions to achieve important business goals such as customer intimacy, growth, security, and mobility.

On Site, On Cloud, or Hybrid

For many businesses, an ‘all or none’ approach won’t work. Most require the flexibility to run some apps on premise while moving others to the cloud. Azure offers a consistent platform, using the same tools to seamlessly virtualize workloads on site, on the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Azure allows companies to instantly extend their IT infrastructure in an enterprise level setting. Its 99.95% monthly SLAs ensure continuous uptime. Its 24x7 support rapidly addresses management issues. And its enterprise security offers data protection required by large organizations.

However, requirements preclude some applications from moving to the cloud. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a consistent technology platform and familiar system administration whether running servers on-site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario.

Selecting the Workloads

Businesses that migrate workloads to the cloud gain immediate benefits including improved agility, reduced costs, and higher productivity.

Microsoft and .NET apps are migrated to Azure by first moving them to a VM. If an app is not yet virtualized or runs on non-Microsoft VMs, System Center 2012 can quickly transition the workload to a Windows Server Hyper-V VHD format.

With Azure’s familiar Microsoft environment, the following are strong migrations to consider:

SharePoint collaboration – Hosted in virtual machines on Microsoft Azure, this option offers greater customization than is available from SharePoint Online while providing control to precisely customize the collaboration experience.

SQL Server – Moving an on-site SQL Server database to Azure provides fast and easy access to stable and secure cloud hosting. Benefits include automated backup, rapid scale up without new capital expense, and centralization of disparate data to enable controlled access from mobile and remote users.

Business Applications – Moving accounting, CRM and other enterprise systems to virtual machines on Azure provides immediate benefits without losing security or control. Applications on Windows Server 2008 64-bit or subsequent versions can be virtualized and moved to the cloud in one motion.

Websites – As business grows, in-house web skills and on site servers dry up. For many companies, success is linked to e-commerce transactions with periodic spikes from marketing campaigns. But in times of growth, cost of capital may be constrained.

A website move to Azure offers stable internet connections, unlimited bandwidth, and enterprise security without large capital expense. In today’s environment, few companies can afford to frustrate online users or expose their credit card data.

Microsoft Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a simple, reliable, and cost-effective option for replicating business information on the cloud. The service works with any apps and data including file servers, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Exchange, and many others. Here are some of the many benefits.

Cost - Avoid infrastructure investment and pay only for resources used with no per-server or data transfer fees.

Scale - Leverage Microsoft global datacenters to quickly scale up or down as needed and meet changing storage requirements.

Data protection – Secure backups are encrypted in motion and at rest. And if servers go down in one location, they’re already backed up and ready in other geo-redundant locations around the world.

42 regions, more than any other cloud provider

Automation - Backups can be programmed for point-in-time restore to recover data from a specified instance in the past. And Azure Backup easily integrates with existing Microsoft Server tools.

Azure SQL Server Backup - A fast, easy way to back up your on-site SQL Server database to the cloud. Includes disaster recovery to dramatically minimize service disruption if a database goes down.

Azure Security and Disaster Recovery

A common cloud concern is data control and protection when moving sensitive information and apps off-site. However, firewall, encryption, physical security, and up-to-date anti-malware in Microsoft global datacenters exceed the clear majority of on premise protection.

Microsoft Azure provides fully managed infrastructure with data backed up in multiple geographies, along with a range of data protection measures like patch management, security monitoring, and cryptographic protection of messages.

In the case of an on premise failure, IT teams can easily restore backups in an Azure VM to quickly rebuild data and applications.

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The Trianz Approach

Trianz is a Microsoft Silver Partner and Managed Services Provider for Azure. Our experienced professionals maintain numerous Azure Certifications across all critical aspects of Microsoft cloud services.

As a strategic managed services partner, Trianz offers a customized Azure migration roadmap to achieve service-oriented infrastructure and service catalogs.

Our Certified consultants use proprietary tools and templates to discover, analyze, and recommend execution plans for the cloud journey. Our experts enable reference architectures for Azure IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms with a focus on execution success.

Trianz helps open the possibility for business leaders to test new ideas on Azure, accessing the secure infrastructure without the need for large upfront capital investment.

Contact Trianz to take the next step and move to Microsoft Azure.

Popular Azure Services Include

  • API Management
  • App Service
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Container Service
  • Azure DevTest Labs
  • Azure Search
  • Backup
  • Cognitive Services
  • Data Factory
  • Machine Learning Studio
  • Media Services
  • Microsoft Azure Portal
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SQL Data Warehouse
  • SQL Database
  • Storage
  • Virtual Machines


Trianz is Microsoft Silver Partner and Managed Services Provider for Azure. Offerings include:

  • Azure Readiness Assessment & Migration Roadmap
  • Azure DevTest and DevOps environments
  • .NET, Windows & SharePoint application migrations
  • SQL Server and non-Microsoft database migration
  • Azure-native business applications, big data, and analytics
  • Azure workload managed services