A Proven Framework to Assess Azure Migration

Flying an airplane is complicated. But not hard to stay focused given the consequences. Filing expense reports or staff evaluations, on the other hand, are not difficult, yet daunting to complete.

But what happens when a critical task is both complicated to achieve and tough to stay focused? Like taxes, math homework, or IT migration to the cloud?

Common sense says the task might not reach the finish line. At least not without multiple delays or substantial incentives. Even then, maybe with inefficient effort or inferior results.

In these cases, specialists can help. Accountants to do taxes. Electricians to fix the doorbell. And IT consultants to help with workload migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Flying a jet plane to the cloud

With rapid digitization of products and services, cloud-based offerings have soared in popularity. Promising fast time-to-market and simplified IT, a move to the cloud can drive customer intimacy and technology innovation.

However, incumbent industry leaders still struggle with cloud migration and capturing the rewards. The primary reason is… well, it’s complicated and easy to get distracted.

Countless organizations lack migration readiness, change management, and overall focus on strategic IT and business goals amidst a wide array of disruptions. Selecting from a crowded menu of cloud services, architectures, and toolchains can seem just like doing your taxes while flying an airplane.

But sit back and relax, the cloud pilots at Trianz have a framework that can quickly and safely fly you to your next destination… the 42 regions, 100+ services, and 62 compliance offerings of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure Readiness Assessment

This Trianz framework includes a methodical approach to determine a company’s cloud maturity -- both business and technology -- and provide recommendations for its advancement.

Business Prioritization & Readiness – Trianz consultants will host interactive workshops with key stakeholders to identify business processes, goals, and opportunities. This initial evaluation includes change management and cost-benefit analysis as well as guidance on customer experience and process automation.

Applications Portfolio Assessment - A review of the candidate applications portfolio, complexity of refactoring as well as technical migration

Infrastructure & Applications – Review of existing IT architecture, security posture, and performance requirements help size up the readiness for success. Application evaluations include business logic, data governance, and availability.

Microsoft Azure Migration Roadmap

This Trianz framework guides and accelerates Azure cloud adoption. Reviewing IT assets with established measurement tools, it reveals important tradeoffs, and designs a flight plan for successful migrations.

Common Azure workloads include .Net applications, SQL Server databases, DevOps and DevTest environments, SharePoint collaboration, Office and Exchange productivity, and big data analytics.

Workload redesigns are considered and best practices revealed. Milestones are set and aligned with business goals. And contingency plans are drafted to roll back migrations ‘in the case of an emergency.’

Journey to Successful Azure Migrations

With Trianz’ Azure Readiness Assessment and Migration Roadmap, clients now have the framework, plans, and prioritization for successful migration to the Azure cloud. So, seat belts fastened and tray tables forward. It’s time to push back from the gate.

At this point, most clients leverage Trianz specialists for takeoff to subsequent destinations. With decades of digital business experience, including Microsoft Azure migrations, Trianz stands ready to stay focused, reduce complexity, and jet power your journey to the cloud.

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